TOPIC: Analyze how to adopt electric vehicles (EVs) in the trucking industry



Cover Page: Topic, Name, Course Name (Principles of Transportation)

Executive Summary /Abstract: For instance, if your topic is about analyzing EV adoption in the trucking industry then you should highlight the following in few sentences: (i) why EV adoption is important to the trucking industry? (ii) how would EV adoption impact the trucking industry? After that, you should explain your research hypothesis (or research questions) in few sentences followed by your findings (i.e., answers to the research hypothesis). Finally, conclude with the business implications of the research hypothesis.
Page Limit: Two paragraphs or less than a page.

Introduction: Provide the background information regarding EVs (e.g., advantages, limitations, developments) based on the topic you chose; Similarly, provide the information background information regarding the ride-sharing business/trucking industry (e.g., operational/service characteristics; cost factors; industry outlook; key players)
Page Limit: 3 pages.

Literature review: What is current thinking, findings, and approaches in the area you chose to do research.
Page Limit: 2 pages.

Research Hypothesis/ Research Questions: Three research hypotheses or questions must be presented. For each hypothesis, you should provide why felt the hypothesis interesting or what motivated you to come up with the hypothesis/question. After presenting each hypothesis, you should provide the findings (i.e., answers). You must carefully present your arguments; they should be cohesive and convincing.
Page Limit: 2 pages per hypothesis; a total of 6 pages for 3 hypotheses.

Business Implications: What are the business implications of your findings? Provide clear, cohesive arguments.
Page Limit:  1page

Conclusion and Discussion: Summarize the most important findings. What conclusions can you draw? How do your results fit into a broader context?
Page Limit:  2 pages

References: This section begins on a new page and contains all your references: journal articles, books, Internet resources, interviews, videos, films, and so forth. The reader should be able to locate all quotations and other references, right down to the correct page.
No Page Limit for references

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  1. Avoid cut/copy and paste.
    2. When you read materials online and want to use them, please provide proper references. You have to paraphrase it, avoid cut/copy and paste.
    5. It has to be a word document (i.e., .doc, docx). If you are submitting the document for your team, then name the document ” LastName_FirstName.docx” or ” LastName_FirstName.doc”
    6. Recommended fonts: Garamond, Georgia, Cambria, Calibri. Font Size: 12 pts; 1.5 line space;
    7. Use your own thoughts and words. Be concise and clear. Avoid colloquialism.
    8. Failure to adhere to the above steps will lead to reduced (or zero) grades.

Note: The Turnitin will provide you an originality report when you submit the document. You may choose to look at the report, revise the document, and resubmit it. Note, resubmissions are not allowed past the deadline.


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