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What is a Term Paper?

A term paper is a short research paper, usually between 6-15 pages that a student writes over an academic semester and submits at the end of the term. Often, term papers are used to assess a learner’s understanding of a

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particular concept or topic taught in the semester. Usually, term papers are complex because they are used to assess complex concepts that require significant commitment and sacrifice from the learner. In some schools, term papers contribute to the student’s exam marks. Therefore, these papers should be written with the utmost care.  If you wish to get a perfect term paper, seek writing service from some of our experts.

The Structure of our Term Papers

A major concern among most students is how to properly organize their work. Since a term paper is a small research, it can be organized as an actual research paper. However, some term papers primarily major on assessing specific concepts. These types of term papers can be organized as an essay. In this regard, there is no absolute structure of a term paper; but the correct format depends on the issue been examined.

The structure of a term paper that is mini-research:

This type of term paper has all the sections of an ordinary research paper. The paper is organized as follows:

  1. Cover Page

In this part, our writers indicate the term paper’s topic, the student ID, the institution name, course, date, and professor’s name. The exact arrangement of this information often differs depending on the recommended format.

  1. Acknowledgment

This section is optional, and it is often not included in most term papers. The acknowledgment section is always on its page. Here, the writer indicates the people that contributed to the writing of the paper, and the specific ways in which they contributed.

  1. Abstract

This part acts as a major summary of the term paper. It specifies the objective of the research, gives a summary of the analysis, results, and conclusions. It also specifies whether the entire study achieved its objectives or not. It is usually between 150-300, and it contains a list of keywords that a reader should familiarize with before reading the paper.

  1. Table of Content

A table of content enables a reader to quickly navigate through the paper. The table of content specifies the page where chapters and subheadings are located in the term paper. A writer can create a table of content using automated MS Word capabilities.

  1. List of Figures and Tables

In case a writer includes many figures and tables in the paper, he/she can create a list of figures and tables. This list enables a reader to quickly find any table or figure in the paper.

  1. Introduction

This part gives a comprehensive description of the study been undertaken in the term paper. It gives a general description of similar studies and establishes the importance of this study in attaining the desired academic objectives. The introduction section contains a research topic, research problem, research question, and a hypothesis.

  1. Literature Review

This section aims at demonstrating the importance of the study and proofing that it is reasonable. Our experts will tie past research findings as indicated in various journals to demonstrate the importance of the term paper. This will also show how relevant theories have been used in similar studies and their results. Further, our writers will correctly cite and reference all sources used when writing this section.

  1. Methodology

This section shows the approach used by the learner when undertaking the research. It helps a reader to establish the credibility of the findings. When writing this part, the writers indicate the methods used in data analysis, software, approach, and any limitations.

  1. Findings

In this part, our writers indicate the results found after completing the methodology section. These findings can be in the form of tables, charts, graphs, or figures. The writer then ties them to the research objectives to establish if the hypothesis was correct or wrong.

  1. Discussion

The main purpose of this section is to interpret the results found after undertaking the research. The writer then links these findings with the research hypothesis and establishes where it was correct or wrong. If the results are abnormal, the writer discusses the probable cause and makes recommendations for a more elaborate study on the topic.

  1. Conclusion

This section wraps up the entire research paper. The writer offers their view on the research findings and highlights how the study achieved its objectives.

  1. Reference List

Here, the writer lists all external sources used when writing the term paper. The sources are written according to the specified academic format (APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago, IEEE) as specified in the instructions.

If the term paper is organized as an essay, it uses the following structure:

  1. Introduction

Here, the writer introduces the topic and gives some background information. The writer always includes a thesis statement that indicates their position, and it enables the reader to establish the primary objective of the paper.

  1. Body

This section contains the main arguments in the paper. Usually, our writers use subtopics to discuss each major issue relevant to the term paper. Importantly, the use of sub-topics allows the reader to easily follow through major issues in the paper. In a paper on “Competitiveness Analysis of KFC Entering a Foreign Market: Using CAGE Analysis,” our writers will organize the task as follows: Introduction paragraph Body

  • Subtopic 1 (Culture Analysis)
  • Subtopic 2 (Administrative Analysis)
  • Subtopic 3 (Geographic Analysis)
  • Subtopic 4 (Economic Analysis)

Conclusion paragraph

3. Conclusion

Here the write wraps up the findings from the research. Importantly, they tie up these findings to their thesis statement and state their position.

  1. Reference

This section contains a list of all external sources used and cited in the paper.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a custom term paper?

A custom term paper refers to any term paper that is written from scratch and according to the specific requirements issued by the client. All our papers are original and written according to the specific requirements issued by the client.

I have an urgent term paper, can you complete the task for me?

We can complete an urgent term paper. We accept orders that have a deadline of as low as 2 hours. We estimate our expert needs just an hour to complete a page and an hour to proofread the entire task. Therefore, if your term paper is 10 pages long, an 11-hour deadline may be sufficient for an extremely urgent task.

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Our prices start from $10 a page. The prices vary depending on many factors such as your academic level, order deadline, number of pages, and type of task. Additionally, we give discounts and freebies worth at least $70.

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We do not offer free writing services. We need to pay our bills and writers. We only charge a small commission in addition to the fees needed by the writers. However, we price our services competitively to ensure our clients can comfortably afford our services.