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These Assignments will help you to apply the concepts you have learned

from the Reading and prepare you for similar ethical scenarios you may

face in the real world. Your responses should include knowledge gained

from the readings.

Assignment 1: Textbook Ethics Cases

Read the ethics cases listed below and answer the questions associated with each.

Ethics case 1: “Jail and a German Subcontractor”

Read the Ethics Case, “Jail and a German Subcontractor”, on pp. 571-571 of your text and answer the following questions (approximately 1 paragraph per answer):

  • Is this a fair law?
  • If you were the Vice President, how would you ensure that the company executives and the company itself would not find themselves open to such problems again?

Ethics case 2: “KPMG’s Questionable Tax Shelters” Read the ethics case, “KPMG’s Questionable Tax Shelters, on pp. 487–488 of your text and answer the following questions (approximately 1 paragraph per answer):

  • Are tax accountants promoting the public interest when they design, promote, and sell tax shelters that reduce or eliminate paying taxes by the wealthiest members of society?
  • Is there a difference between tax planning strategies that use legally sanctioned shelters, such as retirement savings accounts, different from tax planning strategies that use questionable offshore tax havens? Explain your answer.

Brooks, L., Dunn, Paul. (2017) Business and Professional Ethics for Directors, Executives, and Accountants. (8thEdition). Boston, MA. Cengage Learning.

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