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Research Proposal Writing ServiceA research proposal is the first step in writing a research paper and is essentially the stage where the student justifies the chosen topic of interest and convinces his/her supervisor that the research is relevant to his/her course.

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Research proposals are always longer than a standard paper and require to be written in a specified format. Often, the writing format is unique for each university and school. However, the general format requires one to organize his/her work as follows:

  1. Introduction
  2. Literature Review
  3. Research Design and Methods
  4. Implications and Contributions to Knowledge
  5. Expected findings
  6. Conclusion
  7. Ethical Statement
  8. Reference List
  9. Research Schedule
  10. Budget

TermPapersite Research Proposal Writing Service Outline

Introduction: In this section, a student is expected to explain why they are undertaking the research and what they will write in the paper. The learner should introduce the topic, give background and context of the case, and finally outline the research problems and research questions.

Literature Review: The purpose of this section is to convince the reader that the research is relevant and will contribute to the field. As such, the student should compare and contrast with theories and studies from other scholars when writing this section. The student should also be critical of the different approaches used by previous scholars when examining a related topic, and he/she should show how his research is related to these studies.

Research Design: The research methodology describes the overall approach that the student will use in his/her analysis. Thus, the student is required whether he/she will undertake qualitative or quantitative research. Whether he/she will collect original data or use primary or secondary sources, and whether the research design is descriptive, experimental, or correlational. Further, the student should explain any software or tools that will be used in the analysis, and why they are the most suitable.

Implications and Contributions to Knowledge: A student should complete the research paper in a strong note by identifying the possible implications of the research paper. Since a proposal is not actual research, it is always important for the student to state the findings that he/she expects in the actual research paper and the possible effects of the expected findings. Also, the student should state how he/she will conform to expected ethical norms when conducting the research.

Reference List: Here, the student lists all sources used in the research paper. The references should be written according to the writing format recommended by the professor. Also, the student should ensure all references are correctly cited in the research proposal.

Research Schedule and Research Budget: In the research schedule, the student creates an outline of when he/she will complete specific tasks in the actual research paper. The research budget section requires the student to state the amount that he/she expects to use in the research. Some research tasks, such as those requiring the use of primary data, traveling to distant places, or undertaking complex activities can be expensive and tedious. Thus, the research budget can enable the school to plan on how to finance the student’s research work.

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