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Research Paper Writing Help

Writing a research paper is one of the most challenging tasks that students face in their college studies. The number of pages in a research paper vary, and it can be as short as four or more than twenty pages. Regardless, there are specific elements that a tutor looks for in a research paper.

Research Paper Writing Help

Besides, writing a research paper requires a lot of time during the planning stage, when conducting the research, and when creating a flawless paper. Possibly you have other commitments that you need to attend to and time is a limiting factor for you. Well, we are here to assist you. Request for research paper writing help service at affordable prices.

Benefits of using Online Services for Research Paper Writing

Every student has his or her reasons for seeking assistance in a research paper. Some opt to source the services of their fellow students whereas others looking for help online. You are possibly thinking of paying one of your friends to write the paper for you. Well, that is not a good option as it exposes you to a lot of risks.

For example, the student is likely to produce a document that resembles another work hence jeopardizing your academic journey. Plagiarism is a serious offense in academics with damaging consequences. We have implemented multiple measures to guarantee you consistently receive quality research papers when you order from us. Each research paper is reviewed by our quality assurance experts to ensure the work is original, the writer followed all instructions, and there are no grammatical errors. TermPaperSite is a leading online research paper writing service provider and should be your preferred partner when looking for research paper writing service.

Why Use TermPaperSite for Your Research Paper?

At TermPaperSite we offer unique research paper writing services that ensure you score the best grades. Some of the benefits of using our services include:


We understand that most students have limited resources and operate on a strict budget. At TermPaperSite we charge affordable prices that do not dent your pocket. Our prices are some of the most affordable in the market. We have created a comprehensive billing system that ensures we charge you fairly for research paper writing help service.

For example, the cost per page of your paper depends on factors like discipline, academic level, and duration. Nonetheless, be sure the cost is affordable. We charge as low as 10 dollars per page for your paper.

On-Time Delivery:

The deadline is an important factor in academic papers and we understand the cost of late submission. Thus, we have created an internal mechanism that ensures you get your research paper writing help on time to avoid penalties. You can always inquire about the progress of your paper from the customer support or your writer.

24/7 Customer Support:

Get support from our customer service department every time of the day, including weekends. You can ask for assistance from our team at any time by reaching them through the customer service number, email, or live chatbox.

High-Quality Paper:

We have a team of competent and qualified writers from all fields. Our writers have sufficient experience to produce excellent papers that meet all the instructions. Besides, we have an internal quality assurance team that reviews the paper before you receive it. We ensure that any paper that you receive meets all your requirements.

No Plagiarism:

We have a NO PLAGIARISM policy and all papers you receive are written from scratch. You can always ask for the plagiarism report for your paper to ascertain authenticity.

NB: You can reach us via support live if you need research paper writing help from our professional experts.

Our Research Paper Writing Process

Writing a quality paper requires a lot of dedication, effort, and competence. Our writers are diligent and have what it takes to deliver quality work. Our research paper writing service uses a unique step-by-step process that is specifically designed to ensure our writers consistently deliver quality work. The steps are as follows:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the assignment.
  2. Establish the research topic
  3. Dig into the research process
  4. Organize your work before starting the writing
  5. Create a research paper outline.
  6. Develop a thesis statement.
  7. Start the writing process.
  8. Include an introduction, body, and conclusion.
  9. Proofread and edit your paper.
  • Step 1: Familiarize yourself with the assignment

This step is often assumed by most students, yet it is one of the most important. If a learner does not understand what the instructor intended when issuing the research paper assignments, he/she will likely no develop a quality research paper.

At this stage, our writers spend some time comprehending what the professor intends given the provided instructions. They carefully read all your attachments such as prompts, grading rubrics, and attachments. Often, they highlight the key issues noted in the assignment rubric and take time to understand exactly what is been examined and how the paper will be graded. Importantly, this part informs the writer on areas to put greater emphasis on when writing the paper. If the instructions seem confusing, they may ask you to clarify a few things with your professor.

  • Step 2: Establish the research topic

Picking the right topic can determine whether you fail or excel in your research paper. Unfortunately, this process is always difficult and time-consuming, particularly where the instructor does not specify the area of concern. The best strategy is always choosing a topic relevant to your instructions. Also, it is easy to research a topic that you have interest since you will have the drive to investigate all crucial points needed in your assignment.  However, you don’t have to write on a topic that you love. The most important thing is selecting a topic that is relevant to the provided instructions.

  • Step 3: Dig into the research process.

This process incorporates parts of step 1 and steps 2 above. It plays a major role in enabling you to understand the subject, establish the research topic, or modify your already created topic. Also, it guides you in the creation of a thesis statement and developing ideas for your research paper.

Whenever you ask for research paper help, our writers undertake this process seriously. Our writers review various academic sources such as peer-reviewed journals, academic books and periodicals, credible newspapers, government publications, and publications from international bodies such as the UN, World Bank, and IMF.

Importantly, the writers keep track of each source of information used in the research paper and properly reference and cite the articles. We use the Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) as a general guide on the appropriate reference style. If there is a unique format required by your university, the writers will use this style.

  • Step 4: Organize your research paper before you start writing.

A research paper is often long and demanding for the writer. Often, there is a risk that the writer can mix-up ideas, overlook crucial points, or fail to include all issues given in the instruction. This process ensures the writer can focus on the core elements in the research paper and reduces the time and effort spent in the revision and proofreading stages.

  • Creating the outline

An outline plays an important role in enabling the writer to systematically organize points and thoughts throughout the writing process. Once the writer has identified the main points to include the paper, he/she organizes them step-by-step using appropriate sub-headings. An effective approach is always ensuring each subheading and paragraph focuses on one idea. Also, all ideas should be relevant to the research paper and thesis statement.

Our writers keep the focus narrow and precise to the research topic, and this ensures all content in the research paper is relevant. The outline also enables the researcher to estimate the size of each section of the paper, while still ensuring all content is comprehensively covered.

  • Thesis statement

It is always important to include a thesis statement in your research paper. A thesis statement is usually a single sentence that shows the focus and direction of the paper, and the writer’s stand. Undertaking detailed research enables the writer to understand critical issues related to the research topic, and this gives him/her adequate knowledge when establishing their main argument and stand.

  • Step 5: Writing the research paper

This process is the simplest because all of what will be included has been identified and thoroughly planned. The entire paper follows the direction shown in the outline and focuses on the views highlighted in the thesis statement. A research paper always has an introduction, body, and conclusion.

  1. The introduction

At this stage, the writer gives a background of the context to include in the research paper. It is vital to crafting a strong introduction that explains the reason for undertaking the study and how you will approach it. In particular, an introduction should provide general information on the study, identify why the main idea is important, and it should have a thesis statement, which states the position taken by the writer.

  1. The body

In this section, the writer presents valid arguments for the position taken in the thesis statement. In this section, the outline plays a crucial role in guiding the writer on the points to include. Noteworthy, an outline is simply a guide, hence the paper may evolve slightly differently from the way it is structured in the research outline.

Our writers always use the rule of three when writing research papers. Each point always has supporting arguments, and the strong point is presented first, then an even stronger one, and lastly the strongest point. Also, our writers prefer to only include one idea per paragraph, and this helps to avoid mix-up of views.

  1. Conclusion

In this part, the writer wraps up all issues discussed in the paper. The writer makes summaries of the points included in the paper and explains why he/she believes the points support the case. The writer can also include a restated thesis statement that demonstrates how the arguments in the paper support the writer’s views.

  • Step 6: Proofreading and editing

Once our writers complete the writing process, the dedicated time and effort in revising and editing the paper to ensure the final paper is perfect. This part entails checking whether the work adheres to the instructions, identifies grammatical and stylistic errors, and ensures each section is appropriately cited and referenced.

This handy checklist is an effective guide on what is entailed in this step.

Development edit

  1. Is the thesis statement concise?
  2. Is the paper systematically organized, and with a smooth and logical flow of thought?
  3. Are all relevant points included and supported?
  4. Have you cited and referenced any content from external sources?
  5. Have you checked and eliminated any accidental plagiarism? (Turnitin and Grammarly can help in this).

Grammatical Edit

  1. Is the language and the tone clear and appropriate for the target audience?
  2. Are your sentences concise and do paragraphs transition smoothly and clearly?
  3. Have you checked for grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors? (Grammarly can help in this).

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do you have an expert that can complete my research paper?

Our company only hires expert writers to write our papers. Each writer has a Master’s degree and over 4 years of experience in academic writing. Also, a task is assigned to a writer that has studied a similar course as you. Besides, you have the right to select your desired writer. If you request for research paper writing help, you can be assured the work will be completed by a specialist.

Can I directly communicate with my writer?

You have the right to directly communicate with your writer. In your dashboard, there is a message box that allows you to send a message directly to your writer. If the writer is taking a long to respond, you can request the support to contact the writer on your behalf.

What citation style will you use in my research paper?

Our writers are aware of the different citation and formatting styles used in academic writing. These styles include APA, MLA, Chicago, and Harvard. Most instructors specific the writing style to be used in the paper. However, if the professor does not specify, we can always use the most common ones such as Harvard.

Can I create my research topic?

You have the right to create your research topic. If you make your topic, please send the message to the writer informing him/her of your desired topic. You can also deliberate with the writer on jointly establish your preferred topic. Alternatively, you can let your writer decide on the topic, in any case, he/she is an expert.

Can you complete my research paper if it is urgent?

We also complete urgent research papers. If you need your paper in less than 3 hours, please inform our support for special arrangements. Please note that the length of the task and complexity of the work greatly determine whether the task can be completed within the specified time-frame.