Pension and Benefit Plan

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I need an expert writer who has background in Pension and Benefits Plan
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Subject and company Name: Pension and Benefit Plan at Serco ME – United Arab Emirates Branch

C) Who is in charge of handling and revising the Pension and Benefits Plan?(My part) I am adding below hints that might help:
• Who and how they are administering it (is part of somebody’s job, are there designated people to do so? (he needs to see the structure of human resources department)
• try to understand the dynamics of the HR department in regard to what do they do to pension and benefit management and how do they deliver them/switch them/change them, is it (P&B) a priority for the HR department or not.
• Why is the organisation’s Pension and Benefits Plan implemented in its current shape in this organisation? Have they tried different forms?

D) What benefits does the organisation offer? My part

Minimum references: 3
– Check if something can be found in related to Serco that can be used as reference)
– You can use articles

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