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Ethics and Law in Cyberspace Research Paper

For this project you will format a research paper, in Word, using either MLA or APA style.  Collect information related to your issue, and explore contrasting or opposing viewpoints. Please use a variety of sources.

The body of your paper should include the following information:

  • Identify the ethical or legal topic you researched
  • Describe what makes it an issue
  • Present a balanced analysis of the contrasting and/or opposing views
  • Provide an explanation of your profession’s prescribed writing style, resources used, and how you interpreted the style for this project

You must use at least one each of the following resources:

  • professional journal
  • popular press
  • official (government) web site
  • course textbook
  • partisan web site
  • class discussion post/entry
  • web log

Your paper should be formatted as follows:

  • Typed and double-spaced
  • Sections
    1. Introduction to your issue
    2. Contrasting and/or opposing views
    3. Analysis of views
    4. Proposed issue resolution
    5. Explanation of style guide used
    6. Reference List
  • Page numbers should be included in the header
  • In-text citations and reference list/works cited appropriate for the source and for the style used


For your information, here is an example of a well-written paper using MLA style citations and one using APA style citations.

Please reference the rubric for how you will be assessed on this paper.


PA-ElecTech-Unit 3 Assignment – Google Slides Presentation (LO1)

Your life is completely connected.  You make plans via social media, share Instagram accounts rather than phone numbers, share pictures by tagging someone else, and much more.  Don’t you think your career will be just as engulfed with technology?  Your career will most definitely make use of technology.  Specifically, networks now allow employees who live in the same geographical area to work more effectively by collaborating on projects via technology.  The purpose of this assignment is to familiarize yourself with working collaboratively on a project with a team that is not close in proximity.

Your team must choose from one of the following topics:

  1. History of the Internet


  1. Using the text, videos, and Internet searches locate information about your chosen topic.  Each team must have at least 3 sources.
  2. Create an 8-10 slide presentation
    1. Be creative and appropriate in your slide’s choice.
    2. Remember that the audience of the presentation has limited knowledge over the subject.
    3. Be sure to properly format your slides.  Use appropriate background and colors.  Don’t put too many words on one slide.
    4. Use graphics and images appropriately.
    5. Make sure to include a title slide, main points slides, conclusion slide, and a references slide.