Writing an essay is often complex since it requires great mastery of a subject as well as proper writing and argumentative skills. Accordingly, completing a perfect essay is often impossibly difficult for most average writers. Compounding this problem are the tight deadlines, complex concepts, and the need to create a healthy work-life balance. TermPaperSite specializes in the writing of essays, term papers, assignments, lab reports, research papers, and dissertations.

Essay Writing Service at an Affordable Price

Why we are the Best Essay Writing Service?

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Essay Writing Service at affordable Price

We are undoubtedly the best essay writing service in the industry because of our affordable price, our exceptional quality, our focus on detail, and our timely completion of tasks. Whether you are in high school or are writing your doctorate or Master’s paper, do not hesitate to contact us for assistance.

Our ordering process is simple and clear. You do not need to share most of your personal information on our website. Just chat with our support on the live chatbox. You can directly request our support to assist with your task. You will simply upload your instructions through the chatbox or by email. You will then be sent a payment link, which you will use to pay for your order.



Alternatively, you can fill our order form, select your preferred writer, and make payments all on the payment page. You will then manage your order and contact your writer from your user dashboard. You do not need to contact the support.

 5 Types of Essay Writing Service that we Complete?

  1. Argumentative essays: In this paper, we try to create a detailed and comprehensive argument that supports your opinion. Where you have not chosen aside, we will always take the initiative to select one that is most relevant and has enough points to grant you a perfect grade.
  2. Literary critiques: We will write a detailed critique of a movie, book, or poem and focus on the main elements been examined by your prof.
  3. Statistics analysis: We are experts in mathematics, finance, econometrics, and analytical papers. We complete statistical tasks for you thoroughly, establish the findings, and discuss the results.
  4. Research Essays: We can complete your research papers based on your professor’s instructions. We ensure that all our clients get the highest grade by conducting thorough research, referring to various scholarly journals, and meticulously adhering to the research requirements.
  5. Dissertations and Research Proposals. Our writers are experts when it comes to writing a quality thesis. If you have a dissertation or a research proposal contact us and we will help you in all steps.

Features of our Essay Writing Service

  1. Free preview and unlimited revisions

You can always ask for a free inquiry if you are doubtful about the competence of our writers. Our experts will give you a detailed outline of how they will complete the task. Besides, once we write you a paper you have the right to ask for a free revision for up to two weeks after submission. For dissertations, research proposals, and research papers you can ask for a revision even four weeks after submission. Therefore, you can confidently ask for our essay writing service as you are assured of quality and convenient service.

  1. No upfront payments

You do not need to make any upfront payments for your order. First, you can use our free inquiry option to establish whether a writer is willing to complete your task. Also, you will get a free outline of how your task will be completed. You only need to deposit the task you order. The writer is never paid until you approve the completed task. Please note that a task is automatically approved one week after submission.

  1. Direct communication with your writer

All our clients can directly communicate with their writers. This convenient communication platform enables them to follow on the order and have maximum control over how the task is been handled from the start to the end. You can regularly ask for clarification on any part of your task or request for an outline. You can even improve the submitted outline and request the writer to use your more elaborate outline.

  1. Choose your preferred writer

Our clients have the right to choose their preferred writers based on their budget and preference. You have the choice to choose a standard, advanced, premium, or preferred writer. The preferred writer option is only available for those that have ordered from us before. Once you select your preferred writer, you will have to indicate the writer’s ID. If your preferred writer is unable to complete your task, our support will assign the task to an advanced or premium rated writer.

  1. Free plagiarism report

Each client receives a plagiarism report for free. This report acts as proof that the submitted task is original. Besides, you will also receive a free outline, which ensures the task was thoroughly done as per your instructions. Our clients are also given a free cover page, a free reference page, and they receive free editing and proofreading service.

  1. Convenient ordering process

Our ordering is simple and convenient. You simply need to fill our order form, attach all necessary files, select your preferred writer, and make payments. You can complete this process directly from your phone or iPad. You can also communicate with your writer directly from your dashboard. A progress report on the status of each order is clearly shown on your dashboard, and this enables you to easily monitor your orders.

  1. Dedicated Customer Service

Our customer support is available 24/7 to address any of your concerns. You can contact our customer support from our live chat, email, or by calling our customer care number. Each customer is special, and our dedicated customer support works tirelessly to ensure you receive the best service.

Structure of Our Essays

Our writers carefully follow the instructions provided by your professor to ensure you receive quality work. Where there are no specific instructions on how to organize the task, we use the recommended general instructions for essays. In particular, each paper has an introduction, body, and conclusion.


Best college essay writing service

This section introduces the topic and provides some background information on the issues been discussed. Ideally, a paper should begin with a hook statement. A hook can be a quote, question, analogy, etc. The ideas introduced in the introduction should be general enough to enable the reader to comprehend the writer’s perspective but focused on leading to a thesis statement. Each introduction should always have a thesis statement. A thesis statement is always one or two sentences, usually located at the end of the first paragraph. It concisely states the writer’s perspective, indicates the main argument of the paper, and sets the scope of the paper.


This section supports the main issues been discussed and presented in the thesis statement. It is advisable to only include one idea per paragraph, and support it with concrete details. The supporting information can include research findings, experiences, and reports from a credible source. Also, the writer is expected to tie these ideas together to draw a reasonable conclusion that supports his/her main perspective.

Transitional Phrases

Paragraphs in essays are always connected using transitional words. The use of transitions plays an important role in creating flow in the entire paper. The transitions can be one word, a phrase, or even a sentence that links the reader to the next point. They include, first, second, next, also, besides, furthermore, etc.


This section provides a summary of the main points discussed in the essay and it ties them to the thesis statement. It also shows the writer’s final thoughts and provides a sense of closure for any ideas that emerged in the paper. Noteworthy, new ideas should never be introduced in this section.


Here, a writer gives a list of any external sources used when developing the paper. Each source is acknowledged through in-text citation and proper referencing in the reference page. This page can have different names such as Works Cited, References, Reference List, and Bibliography Page depending on the writing format adopted.

Therefore, if you request essay writing service from TermPaperSite, you can be assured of receiving a perfectly structured and cited paper that conforms to your professor’s requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will write my essay?

Our clients have the right to choose the person that will write their essays. In this case, the writer indicates the writer’s ID when filling the order form. Where the client does not specify the writer, we assign each task to a writer that has done a similar course and one with a Master’s degree. Therefore, you can always be assured that your work is been handled by an expert in your field.

Can you complete an urgent essay?

We are always available to complete urgent orders. We always complete orders that have a deadline that is as urgent as 2 hours only. For effectiveness, it is always advisable for the client to chat with our support before placing the order to ensure it is quickly assigned to the available writer.

Can I request for a revision on my essay?

Our clients always have the right to request revisions of any completed essay. You will not make any extra payments when you ask for a revision. You can also request for your task to be assigned to a new writer. However, if you introduce new instructions to your paper, you will only make extra payments that are commensurate with the new changes.

Are you the cheapest essay writing service?

We are not the cheapest essay writing service, but the most competitive. We strive at providing maximum value for money and not necessarily cheap service. As such, you can be assured of receiving the best quality service for the fairest price in the market.

Do you have guarantees on quality?

Yes, we assure our clients of perfect quality whenever they order from us. You are assured of each order been original, thoroughly researched, properly formatted and referenced, and timely delivery. You can comfortably request for essay writing service from us.