If you are working in a corporation, you must have heard the phrase organization development is frequently mentioned by the management. This article will give you a complete guide on what organization development entails, and how you can implement various concepts advocated by this function in your business entity. We can help in undertaking research on organization development of your firm.

What is Organization Development?

Organization development is a social science process that allows firms to make crucial structural, systematic, and operational changes and strategies that allow them to attain their desired performance levels. Organization development can also be defined as a management-planned intervention of the entire organization’s processes using behavioral-science knowledge to increase the entity’s effectiveness. Organization development is therefore an important aspect of a firm’s operations because it can allow it to increase its performance levels by improving, developing, and reinforcing, processes, strategies, and structures.

The 7 Steps of Organizational Development
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Organizational Development in Practice

Organization development always aims at enhancing the effectiveness of an entity through various measures such as:

  1. Establishing a relationship with personnel: Creating sound relations with key personnel in an organization is an important means for allowing a firm to attract and retain competent staff.
  2. Research and evaluating systems: Understanding the organization’s market and the trends in the industry is crucial when diagnosing an organization’s systems.
  3. Identifying approaches to enhance performance: This requires the establishment of measures to enhance an organization’s effectiveness in its operations and relations with employees.
  4. Establishing ways of implementing these measures: Having diagnosed the issues that can limit an organization from achieving the desired levels of operational effectiveness, organization development guides an entity on how to implement appropriate corrective measures.
  5. Evaluating performance: Organization development acts as an important tool for assessing the effectiveness of current strategies and establishing ways for achieving the desired results.

Goals of Organizational Development

  1. Enhancing a firm’s competitiveness

One of the main aims of organizational development is to inform a company on how to effectively utilize its resources to allow the firm to have a competitive edge in its market. Organizational development informs a firm of any weaknesses in its operations and identifies the strengths. This information is important when guiding the management on the changes that should be implemented.

  • Enabling the attainment of the organization’s strategies.

Organizational development is vital for enabling the attainment of an organization’s strategies because it highlights the effectiveness of every crucial tactic embraced by the management. Accordingly, companies are always aware of the approaches that are working and those that are not. This information is vital when directing a company in the implementation of various strategic measures.

  • Correcting errors in project implementation

Organizational development acts as a mirror through which a company can assess its competitiveness relative to other players in the industry. Therefore, if your project is not being implemented as per your desired levels, you can consider reviewing your organization’s development plans and making appropriate corrections.

Organizational Development versus Change Management

There is often a controversy on whether organization development is different from change management or if they are just the same thing. This issue arises because organizational development also focuses on factors that are needed to change people and how operations are undertaken in an entity. These issues are somewhat similar to what change management focuses on when advocating for the implementation of desirable changes in a firm. However, the difference between organization development and change management is on the scope. While organization development focuses on aligning an entity’s systems to its strategic goals, including by making necessary changes where necessary, change management does not focus on the entire system but it targets particular issues.

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How to Undertake Organization Development

Total Time: 1 day, 2 hours and 30 minutes


This process is undertaken to allow an entity to identify any issue that is affecting its operations, effectively limiting the organization’s abilities to achieve strategic goals.
Organizational development always focuses on a firm’s mission, goals, policies, technologies, and changes in its environment. Other factors that can affect a firm’s ability to achieve its strategies include government policies, culture, climatic changes, and changes in complementing business sectors. There are various ways for undertaking this process, including formal surveys, seeking consultation services and brainstorming.

Action Planning

At this stage, the management or consultant develops the appropriate strategies for addressing the identified problems. This step allows the management to examine the feasibility of any proposed strategies for dealing with the identified issues. Also, this process can inform the organization of any new strategic goals to be implemented. If environmental changes have made it impossible for the firm to realize its past strategic goals, the company can be forced to simply revise its strategies.


This step entails the systematic implementation of the issues identified in the diagnosis and action plan stage. For effectiveness, the organization should identify individuals to steer the implementation process. This approach ensures there is an adequate and efficient performance of all tasks.


Here, the entity assesses how all specific activities are implemented in the organization. Also, there is a thorough documentation of each process and documentation of the performance. Ordinarily, there may be a revision of specific activities and steps to ensure the appropriate implementation of each task.

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