College of Saint Mary Equilibrium Price Questions

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Principles of Microeconomics

Question 1.

Use the supply and demand equations below to answer the following questions:

QS = 2,000P – 10,000 (or P = 5 + 1/2000 QS)

QD = 20,000 – 1,000P (or P = 20 -1/1000 QD)

(Show all calculations)

  • Solve for the equilibrium price and quantity in the market. [2 marks]
  • Illustrate these curves on a graph, labelling the curves, intercepts and equilibrium price and quantity. [2 marks]
  • Suppose a price floor is set at P = $12 per unit, what is the new quantity demanded and supplied? Because of the price floor, what is the amount of the shortage or surplus in the market? [2 marks]
  • On your diagram, show the price floor, identify the area representing the deadweight loss imposed on society and identify the share of consumer surplus transferred to producers. [2 marks]

Question 2.

Use the following figure, which shows the market for muffins per day, to determine:

  • What are the equilibrium price and equilibrium quantity of muffins? [1 mark]
  • In equilibrium, calculate the value of consumer and producer surplus. [2 marks]
  • To improve the health of the population, the government introduces a daily quota of 2,000 muffins per day, what is the new price consumers pay? [1 mark]
  • What is the value of consumer surplus after the quota is introduced? [1 mark]
  • What is the value of the Deadweight Loss? [1 mark]
  • If instead of a quota, the government introduces a per unit tax on muffins which reduces the quantity consumed daily to 2,000, what is the size of the per unit tax? Show the impact of the tax by drawing the after-tax supply curve on the diagram.[2 marks]
  • How is the incidence of the tax distributed between consumers and sellers? [1 mark]
  • How much tax revenue will the government collect? [1 mark]
  • As a seller, would you prefer the government to impose a quota or a tax on muffins? Briefly explain.

1984 Presidential Debate on Tax Discussion

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you have learned that the government cannot effectively distribute the tax burden. This was a major issue in the 1984 presidential election. Specifically, the candidates debated social security taxes and payroll taxes for the middle class and the wealthy.

  • View two videos of presidential candidates debating taxation of the middle class.
  • After watching the videos, write a discussion post that answer the following questions:
    • What stance does each candidate take on taxing the middle class? The wealthy?
    • What are the problems with the social security tax, according to the candidate?
    • Which candidate has the more valid argument, in your opinion? Explain. CITE ALL SOURCES

GCC Economic Bagehots Rule and Financial Crisis Questions

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I need to answer each of the following questions completely. There is no word or length requirement, just that the question be answered in full.

1)What it is the Bagehot’s Rule? Did the Central Bank of Us applied this rule in 1930’s? Could the Great Depression of 1930’s be avoided or less severe?

2)Why The south lost the Civil War?

3)After reading Economic Insight (13.2 – Twelfth Edition): 1860 SLAVE PRICES IN TODAY’S VALUES. Explain the value of a slave in today’s dollars and reflect on the effect that this value had on the lives of slaves in the cotton plantations.

4)After reading the Economic Insight: “PROPERTY RIGHTS AND INCENTIVES” (Chapter 2), Comment on the following questions: How collective ownership and share consumption of the output create a “”Free Rider” problem? Are clearly defined property rights the foundation of Capitalism? Would you prefer to live a Socialist society?

5)Two of the majors contributions to Scientific Management, were Daniel McCallum and Frederick W. Taylor. Which were their ideas and what do you think about their ideas?

University of California San Diego Globalization in Saudi Arabia Essay

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Discuss how globalization affects the economy and international businesses of Saudi Arabia. How does the Saudi Vision 2030 transform economic barriers to influence more successful companies?


Follow (APA) style

scholarly references are enough

MBA 6400 Wilmington University Growth of the US Economic Position Paper

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Part a:

For the Week required discussion, students will prepare a short essay pertaining to an aspect of the Federal Reserve. From your readings this week, you recognize the role of the Federal Reserve and its impact on monetary policy and interest rates, influence on the stability of the U.S. financial system, and its role in establishing monetary policy and fiscal policy for the U.S. economy. In addition, actions and decisions made by the Fed and the Board of Governors impact the overall global economy, especially with respect to market interest rates, inflation, and economic activity.

For your essay, explore one of these characteristics in depth. Provide a brief analysis essay (400 words) on your topic, and cross-reference using the textbook and one additional primary reference source. Briefly introduce the characteristic and focus the bulk of your essay on describing the topic impact on one or more key stakeholders. Stakeholders include individual investors, investment firms, global businesses and trade, and U.S. corporations. Use qualitative and/or quantitative data to provide support for your essay. Identify your reference sources.

Part b: 3 replies to three discussions are required , the discussion are attached in the attached word file labeled “discussion board” , the reply to each discussion should be between 120 – 150 words

ECON 100 Strayer Wk 3 Supermarkets & Grocery Stores Microeconomics Case Excel Sheet

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In this exercise, you will demonstrate your ability to find microeconomic data from public sources and to make a simple spreadsheet in Excel.

  1. Start by choosing an industry that interests you.
    • Remember that an industry is a group of companies that do the same thing. For example, Ford is a company; automobile manufacturing is an industry.
  2. Choose a microeconomic variable for your industry.
    • It could be prices, sales, production, advertising, or investment.
  3. Do some research and find three years of this microeconomic variable for your industry.
    • For example, you might find automobile sales data for 2017, 2018, and 2019.
  4. Go to the Census Bureau (NAICS) website and select an industry that has a description. Some of the smaller industries are named, but not described.
    • The industry could be broad, such as industry 11 Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, and Hunting, or it could be narrow, such as industry 112112 Cattle Feedlots. The more digits in the industry label, the narrower the industry
  5. Prepare an Excel spreadsheet that has two columns and four rows. In cell A1, type in the industry you selected and bold the text. In the heading for cell A2, type “Year.” In cells A3, A4, and A5 descending below this heading, type the years for your data. In the automobile example, this would be 2017, 2018, and 2019.
  6. In the heading for column two, cell B2, type the name of the variable you chose. For example, it could be “Sales.” In the cells below this heading, type the sales data for each of the three years.
  7. Underneath your table, type “Source:” Then paste the URL of the source where you found your data.

ECO 110 Strayer University Week 4 Impact of Economics on Daily Living Paper

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Due: Week 4
Points: 105

Skill(s) Being Assessed: Problem Solving

  • Criteria for Success: In this assignment, you will:
  • Identify a relevant economic concept and describe how it applies to the scenario.
  • Summarize the change in expenditures between budgets.
  • Record the ways in which economic trends impacted personal income and consumer prices.
  • Explain the rationale for budget decisions made in response to economic changes.
  • Explain an additional economic trend or change from within the last year and how it has impacted your personal life and finances.

What to submit/deliverables: A completed Assignment 1 template, in Word document form.

What is the value of doing this assignment? Economic trends and events in the world have real impacts on your daily life. This could take the form of a new technology that increases the demand for workers in a certain field, the amount of economic growth for a country affecting the ability (or willingness) of employers to increase wages, or even trade decisions between two countries that cause price of some everyday goods to fluctuate.

Economic impacts require you to make decisions on how to allocate resources and effectively budget, and use critical thinking strategies to help you navigate the world of finance and economics. Throughout the previous weeks of this course, you have learned foundational economic concepts, basic personal finance considerations, and problem solving strategies. In this assignment, you will apply all of these to help a friend communicate her budgeting decisions to her family.

Your goal for this assignment is to: Build your problem solving skill by articulating how economics have real impacts on families and their budgets. You will apply decision making and critical thinking strategies to explain how economics impacts a friend’s personal budget decisions.

Steps to complete: In Week 4, submit your assignment by following these steps:

STEP 1:Read the scenario in the TEMPLATE ATTACHED And preview the questions that follow.

Scenario: A friend who knows that you are learning problem solving skills and economics has come to you for advice. At the beginning of this year, rent and the price of imported food rose. At the same time, prices for domestic food dropped. The family’s income stayed the same, but because of these economic changes, they had to make changes to their yearly budget.

Your friend’s family is unhappy about the lifestyle changes that your friend has chosen. Your friend knows that you are studying personal finance and have asked you how to explain to her family what has happened to their spending. She has brought with her their family budget from last year, as well as their current budget for this year.

STEP 2: Identify one relevant economic concept that applies to the scenario and describe how it applies. (Question 1)

STEP 3: Summarize how expenditures changed between budgets. Make sure to address how expenditures changed (or did not change). (Question 2)

STEP 4: Describe the economic trends that created the need for a change in expenditures. Make connections to the economic concepts you have learned. (Question 3)

STEP 5: Explain the rationale for your friend’s budget decisions to her family. Address all changes (or non-changes) in expenditures and discuss long term effects. (Question 4)

STEP 6: Reflect on how changes in economic variables may impact your personal life and finances. (Question 5)

STEP 7: After completing all questions in the Assignment 1 Template, save your responses as a Word document titled: Your Name, ECO110_Assignment 1 Economic Impacts and upload to BB in Week 4. Make sure to also review the scoring rubric before submitting.

Assignment 1 Template: Impact of Economics on Daily Living

Scenario:A friend who knows that you are learning problem solving skills and economics has come to you for advice. They have brought their family’s budget from last year, as well as their current budget for this year. At the beginning of this year, rent and the price of imported food rose. At the same time, prices for domestic food dropped. Your friend’s family’s income stayed the same, but because of these economic changes, they had to make changes to their yearly budget. Budget 1 on the left shows how their family used to spend their income of $25,000. Budget 2 on the right reflects changes your friend made to the family’s budget based on economic changes.

Your friend’s family is unhappy about the lifestyle changes that your friend has chosen. They are having a difficult time explaining the reasons for some of the decisions they have had to made about family finances. Since they know that you are studying personal finance, they have asked you to help them come up with a way to explain to their family what has happened to their spending.

Answer the following questions based on the scenario and Budget 1 and 2:

1. In the first four weeks of this class you have learned about several economic concepts and how they impact daily living. Choose one economic concept from this list and explain how it is relevant to your friends’ budget situation:

Supply and demand


Tradeoff decisions

International trade

Opportunity cost

Compound growth

2. How did expenditures change between budgets? Which expenditures changed the most? Which expenditures changed the least? Which stayed the same?

3. What were the economic trends that created the need for your friend’s family to change their expenditures? What can you infer about the connection between prices and expenditures, based on the economic concepts you have learned?

4. Help your friend explain the rationale for their budget decisions to their family. For each expenditure change, describe why your friend made that decision and how it impacts the family overall. Also make sure to address expenditures that did not change. What are the long-term benefits/risks of these changes? Some questions you could help them answer are:

Why did your friend decide to buy less imported food, and more domestic food?

Why did your friend decide to use the furnace and air conditioning less?

Why did your friend decide to walk more?

Why did your friend not change the amount spent of education and family care?

Why did your friend decide to reduce savings, and what will the long-term effects of that be?

5. In our personal lives, we sometimes need to react to changes in our economic environment. Thinking about your own budget, describe how a change in an economic variable (such as a change in income, employment, interest rates, or prices) could impact your personal life and finances.

Miami Dade College Ice Campuses Supply and Demand Essay

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“Gordon Rule 1 is one of the mandatory written assignment that we have to complete in this class. You should be able to write about 2,000 words on the scenario provided. We are looking for completed sentences, organized into paragraphs showing a logical development of a main idea or concept. Be careful with spelling, grammar, usage, mechanics and style. The Purdue Owl site provides assistance in preparing your assignment , if needed.”

Gordon Rule 1

Supply and Demand

Imagine that you have decided to open a small ice cream stand on campus called “Ice-Campusades.” You are very excited because you love ice cream (delicious!) and this is a fun way for you to apply your business and economics skills! Here is the first month’s scenario–you order the same number (and the same variety) of ice creams each day from the ice cream suppliers, and your ice creams are always marked at $1.50 each.

Use your knowledge of the factors that cause shifts in demand, i.e., change in – income, prices of related goods, taste, number of students, expectations

and in a multi-paragraph essay, provide at least three reasons why ice cream sales fluctuate in this manner. Apply only the factors you think are applicable to explaining this scenario.

Now assume that a month later, the school allows a competing student the right to sell ice creams on school property. (The number of students on campus remains largely unchanged.) What do you think will happen to the price of ice cream at your campus? Explain in detail

Develop a response that includes examples and evidence to support your ideas, and which clearly communicates the required message to your audience. Organize your response in a clear and logical manner as appropriate for the genre of writing. Use well-structured sentences, audience-appropriate language, and correct conventions of standard American English.

Capella University Verbal Communication Skills Paper

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  • For the first course assignment, you will develop your verbal communication skills by creating a short video presentation about the trends, issues, and patterns in intercultural communication presented in the first two weeks of the course. You may choose the format of your presentation. Before you record the presentation, you will use a course media tool to create and print an outline for the presentation. You will not need to submit your outline; you will only need to submit the presentation using either the Kaltura tool or another technology that your instructor can access and grade.
  • What You Need to Know CULTURAL CATEGORIES These chapters contain an overview of cultural patterns and the functions of culture, as well as describe systems used to classify cultures. They will provide you with the terminology and concepts needed to define topics and research strategies for your assignment.
    • Samovar, L. A., Porter, R. E., McDaniel, E. R., & Roy, C. S. (2017). Communication between cultures (9th ed.). Cengage.
      • Chapter 3, “The Deep Structure of Culture: Lessons from the Family,” pages 68–101.
      • Chapter 4, “Worldview: Acculturation Explorations of Life and Death,” pages 103–159.
  • Prepare: Gather Research for your Week 2 Assignment IN order to gather research that includes a range of resources, refer to the information in this library guide:
    • General Education Information Research Skills Guide. The guide contains a page on intercultural competence. Refer to the textbooks suggested there for information on the issues that interest you. Another strategy is to complete keyword searches in the reference databases suggested on that page.
  • Interactive Learning Module: Informative Speech Outlining Tool For this week’s assignment, you will record yourself delivering a presentation about your chosen topics. Good presentations start with a plan. Plan your presentation by creating an outline using this tool. Print the outline and use it as a guide while you record your presentation. Practice while following the outline, but do not read it as a script. launch interactive module
  • Assignment Instructions Create a short video presentation about the trends, issues, and patterns in intercultural communication. Submit the presentation according to the following instructions:
    • Develop an effective, coherent presentation including a central idea, introduction, and conclusion.
      • Using the outline you prepared with the Informative Speech Outlining Tool, record a video. Maintain a steady pace and good eye contact. Follow but do not read the outline word for word.
    • Integrate cultural tendencies, issues, and trends of personal interest with course materials and other resources.
      • Describe the cultural tendencies, issues, and trends that have interested you most during the first two weeks of the course. The goal is to choose topics that you can explore in future assignments.
      • Cite sources orally within your presentation.
    • Present coherently to support a central idea in an appropriate format.
      • Deliver and record your presentation using Kaltura. Refer to Using Kaltura for more information.
      • Make your presentation public in Kaltura and submit the link in the assignment area. Additional Requirements
    • Length: Submit a presentation of 3–4 minutes in length, recorded using a webcam or built-in camera.
    • ePortfolio: Submit this assignment to your ePortfolio. Scoring Guide Your Work will be evaluated using this criteria. View Scoring Guide COMPETENCIES MEASURED By successfully completing this assignment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the following course competencies and assignment criteria:
    • Competency 1: Evaluate communication issues and trends of various cultures within the United States.
      • Integrate cultural tendencies, issues, and trends of personal interest with course materials and other resources.
    • Competency 5: Communicate effectively in a variety of formats and contexts.
      • Develop an effective, coherent speech including a central idea, introduction, and conclusion.
      • Present coherently to support a central idea in an appropriate form

ADM 620 Grand Canyon University Leadership Approaches Questions Discussion

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In 500-750 words, do the following:

  1. Compare the various approaches to leadership as covered in your textbook readings for this topic. Include the strengths and weaknesses of each approach.
  2. Choose one of the approaches. Describe how that approach might influence a leader’s philosophy on public service.
  3. Explain how principles of Christian leadership could influence a leader’s philosophy on public service.

Use two to three scholarly resources to support your explanations.

Eastern Illinois University Financial Literacy Discussion

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  1. Answer the Following Points 
  • Discuss the differences between financial knowledge, financial literacy, and financial capability.
  • How can research benefit both a practitioner and client?
  • Discuss the statement “there is no best way to communicate” as stated in Pulvino & Pulvino. 

    2. Discuss the following questions:

  • How have recent advances in technology influenced sexual practice? 
  • What effects do phenomenon such as Facebook, YouTube, Skype, instant messaging, and cell phones have on sexual views and behavior?

3. How do you feel male circumcision differs from/mutilation (practiced in some parts of Africa and the Middle East)? What are your personal thoughts on these procedures?

-What are some of the risk/concerns associated with BOTH of the above procedures? Think physically, mentally, socially….

4. Discuss the benefits and consequences associated with identifying as male and identifying as a female (think about gender roles, job positions, sports, etc)

What is one thing you wish you could do but are prevented from doing it because of gender role concerns.  Is there anything? If not, explain why.  If so, also explain why.

What do you believe is the cause of this concern? Where does this concern stem from?

5. Describe the relationship between performance and training. Discuss a scenario within a current or past job where training was provided, however, some other type of intervention would have been more appropriate. Make sure to specifically analyze the performance problem using Gilbert’s BEM. Explain why the problem is training or non-training related

Lynn University Industrial Robots and Machine Learning Analysis Paper

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Data analytics is expected to radically change the way we live and do business in the future. Already today we use the analytics in our technology devices, for many decisions in our lives. … Expectations are that data analytics will make the impossible possible, but we are still in the early stages of the data era.

For this discussion board, find an article about the future of technology.

Please provide a media link (article, video, blog, etc.) and lead the discussion on that topic.

For the discussion, tell us at least the following four things:

  1. What is the discussion about?
  2. What caught your attention about this?
  3. Why is it important to us?
  4. What are the ethical ramifications of this new technology?

2 Pages Min

You will be the facilitator and draw people in. Make it lively and vibrant, but keep it professional.

You should also help out one of your classmates by responding to their discussion board posts, as well. Which will be posted afterwards

Federal Reserves Monetary Policy Question

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Respond to the following in a minimum of 400 words and two references. No cover sheet or reference page is needed; add references at the end of the assignment.

  • Discuss how changes in the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy affect at least 1 of the 4 components of GDP (consumption, investment, government spending, net exports).
  • Have the Federal Reserve’s countercyclical monetary policies been effective in moderating business cycle swings? Justify your response.

Dutchess Community College Concept of Supply and Demand in Frozen Movie Discussion

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Assignment 1

Discussion (DM2). Supply & Demand.

First response by Thursday. Respond to at least two other students.

Watch a clip from the movie”Frozen” that illustrates the concept of Supply and Demand

Part 1: Think of business you would want to start. Highlight what factors would have to be considered to gauge the market demand for your business. What supply information would be useful to you in deciding upon a business strategy?

Part 2: Find an article/news item on the Internet that deals with the demand or supply of a good or a service in this time of Covid-19 Pandamic. Give a brief summary and post a link to an article. (Please make sure that you do not post what someone has already posted. No credit will be given for duplicates).

Make sure to write a thoughtful and well-researched response to at least two other students.

Assignment 2

Please answer the following questions and follow up with INTERACTION with your on-line classmates:

-In your opinion, What is the American Dream and what makes it “special”?

-Do you feel that the American Dream is applicable to all American citizens? Why or Why not?

-Do you believe you will achieve the American Dream? Why or Why not?

-Is there anything that can be done to make the American Dream more of a reality or is it fine they way it is?

ECON 3341 Saint Marys University Productivity Functions Questions

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Assume that fruit picking can be done by children or adults, but that adults are twice as efficient as children (they pick twice as fast). The production function for fruit picking is thus

Q= 10 X (2L+ L) where output is measured in bushels of apples, labour is measured in days and Lis the number of days of adult labour, and LC is the number of days of child labour.

  • Depict the isoquants for a typical orchard (in terms of fruit-picking)
  • Assume the wage rate of adults is $100 per day, and the wage for children is $60 per day. Show the isocost lines.
  • Show the profit-maximizing input choice where the profit-maximizing output is 1000 bushels of apples. Depict the scale and substitution effects if the wage of child labour falls to $25 per day.

AU Effects of The Federal Reserves Monetary Policy Discussion

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Changes in the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy have been directly affecting the U.S. economy that includes the financial institutions and markets. For this Final Paper, select one large U.S. financial institution/intermediary (e.g., a commercial bank, an investment bank/company, an insurance company, or any other financial institution) to evaluate how changes in the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy—expansionary or contractionary—have been affecting the U.S. financial institutions and markets.

  • Evaluate how the Federal Reserve monitors and influences unemployment and inflation in the U.S. economy.
  • Describe the Federal Reserve’s traditional and nontraditional monetary policy tools.
  • Describe the pros and cons of the Federal Reserve’s implementation of expansionary or contractionary monetary policy tools under different economic situations (e.g., a recession/depression vs. an economic boom).
  • Assess your institution\intermediary’s financial situations during the previous five years.
  • Appraise how your institution/intermediary has been responding to changes in the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy.
  • Explain how the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy affects your institution/intermediary in the financial market. Discuss in detail.
  • Explain how you would expect the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy to change in the next six months, based on the financial market today, addressing the following:
    • Is the Federal Reserve more likely to implement expansionary policy or contractionary policy?
    • How would this change affect your institution/intermediary and the financial markets?
    • How would your institution/intermediary respond to the anticipated Federal Reserve’s monetary policy change?

UTPA Discuss Method of Using Certain Birth Dates to Control for Ability Bias Ques

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1. The textbook discusses some strategies for correcting for ability bias when trying to estimate the rate of return to education.

a) Explain ability bias.

b) Discuss the method of using data on identical twins to control for ability bias.

c) Discuss the method of using certain birth dates to control for ability bias.

2. Explain the reasons for rising income inequality in the United States. If there are arguments countering a reason, explain these arguments as well.

**REQUIRED READING**(Third question only)

3. In our discussion of employer discrimination, we learned that discrimination is costly for the firm in that it must give up some producer surplus or profit in order to indulge its taste for discrimination. Therefore, if the firm is operating in a competitive product market (i.e., there are many other firms with which it competes in selling its product), wouldn’t it be less likely to discriminate, seeing that its profits are already likely very low on account of its competition with other firms? In other words, wouldn’t it be less willing to sacrifice profit when its profits are already very low? This is the theme of some research I conducted in 2004 for an organization of the United Nations called WIDER (the World Institute for Development Economic Research in Helsinki, Finland). The research paper is attached. Your assignment is to summarize it. You needn’t describe the various details of the paper – simply summarize its main thrust (its theoretical underpinning, its empirical strategy, and its findings).

Los Angeles City College Expansionary Monetary Policy Discussion

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  • Since the end of the Great Recession of 2008, interest rates have been at historic lows—in some cases, close to zero. How is expansionary monetary policy, or more specifically a open market purchase, supposed to work? How do near-zero interest rates limit the ability of expansionary monetary policy to work?
  • In your opinion, how effective has the Fed’s policy been as a response to the Great Recession of 2008 and more recently the Covid 19 Recession? Please share evidence/article to support your position.
  • Useful Links:
  • Link 1
  • Link 2