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Dissertation proposal help

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How to know credible online platforms

The past decade saw rapid growth in the number of essay writing companies. However, the fast growth in the unregulated industry also means that unqualified players found their way into the industry. Additionally, it attracted the attention of online scammers out to dupe innocent individuals looking for help with their academic papers.

  1. One of the easiest ways to identify a suspicious website is by looking at the site’s design. Most fraudulent websites are poorly designed because the crooks do not invest a lot in making the website. Making a proper website is a complex and daunting task for most people.
  2. Secondly, look at the only reputation of the website by conducting a simple google search of the site’s name. The web community is too big for a person to hide information and you will certainly get information on any suspicious site. It is always important to remember that a new website with few reviews is not necessarily owned by crooks.
  3. Finally, check if the website publishes customer feedback on their platforms. A genuine writing platform publishes reviews from their customers. Check the authenticity of the feedback. Genuine reviews do not all five-star ratings.

Dissertation Proposal Help

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A dissertation proposal, also known as a thesis proposal, is the first step in writing a dissertation. Its main purpose is describing the research that will be undertaken, its purpose, and why it is important. Most colleges require students to first write a dissertation proposal before writing the actual dissertation. Given the complexity involved in writing this paper, most students ask for support on websites such as TermPaperSite.





Most dissertation proposals are organized as follows:

  1. Title
  2. Abstract
  3. Introduction/Background
  4. Review of Literature
  5. Methodology
  6. Significance/Implications
  7. Overview of Chapters (Optional Requirement)
  8. Timeline/ Plan of work
  9. Bibliographic references and appendices

Since dissertation proposals vary significantly in terms of length and structure, it is always advisable to follow the guidelines given by your school or professor. Different faculties use unique structures for their dissertations. Some parts may be combined depending on the school.

Writing Thesis/ Dissertation Proposals

Now that you have understood that a dissertation proposal simply give an overview of your dissertation,

Steps on How to Write a Good Dissertation Proposal



Selecting the best tile for your research proposal is crucial because it guides your overall research. Your title should be specific and precise to your study. Thus a good title informs readers of your research topic and indicates the type of research.


An abstract is an optional section that provides a brief overview (150-350 words) of your research proposal. It summarizes sections of your dissertation proposal such as the introduction, research question, and methodology.

Introduction/ Background

This section provides readers with appropriate background information on your overall research. A proper research introduction should establish the following:

  1. Describe the foundations of your study by including some references to similar existing studies or empirically observable events.
  2. Establish the scope of your research without going into significant detail.
  3. Provide an overview of the sections that will be in your research proposal.

Statement of the Problem

This section can stand independently or be a sub-section of your introduction section. The main role of this part is to establish the knowledge gap in your project. A proper statement of the problem should:

  1. Indicate the main problem that is to be solved.
  2. Highlight the problems in paragraphs or points depending on your school’s requirements.
  3. Limit the variables to those that are used in the methodology.

Purpose/ Aims/Rationale/Research Questions

This section may also be part of the introduction. It is the section that has clear statements that indicate the research objectives, the research questions, and the hypothesis. The main importance of this section is to specify the readers the precise focus and direction of the dissertation.

Therefore, a clear purpose section explains the following:

  1. Goals and objectives of the study.
  2. Shows the contribution of the study by explaining the research questions.
  3. Elaborates on issues highlighted in the introduction section.
  4. Demonstrates the rationale of the study.
  5. Is clear and specific.

Review of the Literature

This section provides a critical view of existing research studies in the field. For one to properly write this section, you should read several relevant peer-reviewed journals on your specific topic of interest. You will have to include the theoretical approaches and discuss past research findings that tie to your research. This section has the main role of information you on the following:

  1. How other scholars have approached similar research.
  2. The various available theories that are relevant to your research.
  3. How other scholars connect the specific research to other broader issues in society and your field.
  4. The best approach to use in your methodology section.
  5. Possible findings of your research.

If you are looking for a dissertation proposal help, there is a high likelihood you are unaware of how to draft your literature review. These are the tips on how to effectively organize this section:

  1. Categorize this section based on recognizable sub-sections.
  2. Avoid just quoting other scholars, rather aim at tying the literature review to specific facets of your research problem.
  3. Only use pieces of literature that are relevant to your narrowed subject.
  4. Avoid giving your opinions. Your main role is simply to justify your research project given other studies in the field.


This section is necessary for the completion of a sound dissertation proposal. This section indicates the goals of the study, materials, procedures to be followed when undertaking the research. A proper methodology section does the following:

  1. Introduced the methodological approach for each problem question.
  2. It demonstrates how the chosen approach is a perfect fit for the overall research design.
  3. Describes the specific data collection method to be used in the research.
  4. Explains how the research findings will be analyzed and interpreted.
  5. Provides the background and rationale of methodologies unfamiliar to the targeted audience.
  6. Explain possible limitations and address how the study will overcome these limitations.

Significance/ Implications

This section is required by most schools. It indicates the expected results of the research during the actual writing of the dissertation. This part can include the following:

  1. A discussion on the contribution the research expects to make in the field after undertaking the study.
  2. The practical and theoretical importance of the research.
  3. The anticipated results of the study and their usefulness.

Overview of Chapters

Some professors require students to describe the relevant chapters in the paper. Always consult your supervisor.


Here, you should write a schedule of the anticipated completion dates for each specific part of your dissertation. This section helps you to plan your research effectively.

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Summary Structure of a Research Paper

  • Title
  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Literature Review
  • Methodology
  • Findings
  • Conclusion
  • References

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I write a good dissertation proposal?

To write a good dissertation proposal, you should carefully follow the instructions provided by the professor regarding the structure. Generally, your dissertation proposal should have an introduction/background, literature review, methodology, and reference section. You should also make a thorough review of previous research papers so that your work is elaborate and detailed.

How do I defend my dissertation proposal?

The first step in writing a dissertation is defending the dissertation proposal. You can use our 5 simple steps to help you in your defense. First, determine the expectations that the board has, and this will guide you on how to present yourself. You can even ask the board what they would expect of you. Prepare a set of questions based on the board’s expectations and make appropriate answers. Some of the questions are for clarification purposes while others poke holes in the proposal. Know relevant literature to your research. Always remember that a dissertation proposal is a statement of intent and not the final paper. Therefore, it can have a few weaknesses but they should not be significant.

Can I use my dissertation proposal in my actual dissertation paper?

Creating a perfect dissertation proposal ensures that you have an excellent final dissertation. Since the dissertation proposal contains the first few chapters needed in the actual dissertation, it forms a sound basis for use in your actual dissertation. Therefore, you can use your dissertation proposal in your actual dissertation. You will only need to add the findings and discussion sections and make minimal adjustments to previously completed sections.

How long does it take to write a dissertation proposal?

Usually, a dissertation proposal takes thee weeks to complete. However, it can take even a month depending on the client’s requirements and even just a few days. If you need a dissertation proposal help, please contact our support for help.

Can you write a dissertation in two weeks?

We can complete a dissertation in 2 weeks. Often dissertations need to be written in a month or more. However, if you are required to submit your dissertation urgently, in 2 weeks or less, we can help you. On average, our writers can write between 10 and 15 pages a day. Therefore, if your dissertation is 60 pages long, our writers can complete the task in less than a week.

What is the purpose of a dissertation proposal?

A dissertation proposal’s main role is describing the overall work that a student will undertake in the actual dissertation while still convincing the proposal committee on the importance of the research, its significance, the student’s competence in undertaking the research, and the basis of the research. Therefore, a dissertation/ thesis proposal helps in:
1. Justifying and planning for the actual research paper.
2. Demonstrating the importance of the project in existing research.
3. Showing the proposal committee that you understand how to conduct research and apply concepts taught in class to solve problems.