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However, one is required to write a term paper before the semester is concluded. Most students view term papers as an unnecessary burden since they come at a time when they should be revising for final exams. But you don’t have to worry about this disruption on your revision schedule. TermPaperSite is here to help you in your term paper by writing you a custom essay as per your instructions.

What is a term paper?

Custom Term Paper

A term paper is an assignment that is usually submitted at the end of a semester that requires students to highlight the lessons they have learned from their course. It is a detailed summary of the entire course and takeaways for the student. A good term paper presents a researched document that reflects the student’s understanding of the topic.

Averagely, a term paper has 5-10 pages and follows a similar format as other academic papers. For example, it has a title page, abstract, introduction, body, conclusion, and reference list. However, the format can change based on the lecturer’s instructions. The most important thing when writing a term paper is ensuring you have a flawless paper that captures key points taught in the course.


3 Reasons why you should order a custom term paper from us?

Firstly, ordering a paper does not mean you are not capable of handling the task. Instead, it implies you either have time constraints, you want a professionally written paper, or are experiencing some impending issues. Regardless of the reason, we believe a custom term paper is the best option you have when you require a professionally written paper within a short period. Some of the three fundamental reasons to order a custom term paper from us include:

  1. Save Time: Term paper assignment comes towards the end of a semester, a time when students are committed to both academic and social events. Writing a term paper is a time-consuming process likely to hinder you from attending events within the school or revising for your end-semester exams. Ordering a custom paper saves your time allowing you to attend these events. At TermPaperSite we have a team of professional writers to handle your paper as you concentrate on other issues.
  2. Improve Your Writing Skill: One of the benefits of letting a professional writer handle your paper is you get a reference document to help you understand what entails a good term paper. You can look at various components of the paper like paragraphing, sentence structure, grammar, and general outlook. It allows you to learn and improve your writing skills.
  3. Get a high grade: All our writers are experts and highly experienced in academic writing. Even our protégé holds a Master’s degree and over 4 years of experience in academic writing. Therefore, you can be assured that your work is been done by a pro whenever you order a custom term paper from us. If you want your task to be completed by our most experienced writers, select “premium” writer when choosing the specialist to complete your task.

Why use TermPaperSite for your custom term paper?

  1. No Plagiarism: We have a zero percent plagiarism policy in our writing practices. You get an original custom term paper written from scratch by our team of experienced and professional writers. We understand the consequences of plagiarism and take all measures to ensure our clients get the best paper in the market. We provide a plagiarism report at your request.
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Why We are the best in Writing Custom Term Papers

There are great reasons why customers are always purchasing custom term papers from us. If you want to excel in your studies, take this golden opportunity, and also seek our service.

  1. Dedicated customer support

Our customer care team is always available 24/7 to offer exceptional support to our clients. If you wish to receive an immediate response on any issue or concern please contact our customer support. The team is always ready to clarify any issue including the progress of your order, order processing, financial processing, and revision issues. Also, you can ask our support to contact your writer if you are waiting for an immediate response on your order progress.

  1. Timely completion of orders

If you work with us you will never experience any form of delay in your order processing. All our tasks are handled by experienced writers that consistently complete tasks before the stated deadlines. We have a success rate of more than 98% in completing tasks before the stated deadlines.

  1. Freebies

A major benefit of ordering from us is you get a chance to enjoy lots of discounts and freebies. It is extremely beneficial to our clients to purchase custom term papers from us. First, all our customers save at least $60 in the form of freebies whenever they order from us. You will get free cover pages, abstracts, references, and editing, and proofreading service when you make an order with us. Besides, we regularly offer discounts to our clients.

  1. Open communication

Our clients enjoy open communication when working with us. You are free to communicate with your writer or customer support on any issue regarding your order. For example, you can inquire about the progress of your order. You can inform your writer on any changes in instructions, or you can clarify any unclear issues on your order.

How to Order a Custom Term Paper

Correctly placing your order will ensure that all your instructions are clear for the writer, the work is assigned to the most suitable expert, it is completed in time, you receive a perfect paper, and your entire ordering process is smooth and seamless.

Step-by-Step Process of Ordering for a Custom Term Paper

  • Step 1: Fill in your order form. Remember to correctly indicate the discipline you are studying since this information will inform us of the specific writer to select from our team. The academic level will show us the complexity of the task and this helps us to establish the most suitable writer to complete the task. If you have any specific instructions that are not available in your attachments or that you want the writer to focus on, please indicate them in the “Paper Instruction” part of your order form. Attach any files that you have and select your preferred writer.
  • Step 2: Log in to your account. If you are an existing client, simply use your credentials so that you can log in to your dashboard. For new customers, signup by entering your email and creating a password. Please note you can give us your phone number and name, but this information is optional. Your phone contacts enable us to reach you quickly if there is an emergency.
  • Step 3: Contact your writer: Once your task is assigned to a writer, you can communicate with him/her privately. Your writer will send you an outline of your task once he/she starts writing. You can improve on the outline, otherwise, the writer will proceed with what they created.
  • Step 4: Finished task: In the stage, the final task is submitted to you. This paper is always reviewed by our editors to ensure all instructions have been met before it is issued. You can approve the task or ask for some parts to be revised. You will not be charged for any revision on your order. Each task is automatically marked as approved after 5 days.

Be Part of the Custom Term Paper Writing Process

All customers want to actively participate in the writing of their papers when they can. In particular, they want to have their ideas included in the paper. Our custom term paper writing service allows our clients to actively participate in the entire writing process. Here is how we do it:

  • Clear Instructions: You are free to add extra instructions that specifically meet your needs. If you want anything to be overemphasized or included besides what is in the attachments or your rubric you can include in the “paper instruction” section. You can also include points or unique ideas that you have when adding your instructions.
  • Selection of Writer: You are free to select your preferred writer. You have probably worked with us before and you have a preferred writer. Please inform us of his/her writer ID and we will assign your task to the expert. If you are a new client, you can select a standard, advanced, or premium writer depending on your preference.
  • Term Paper Outline: Our writers start each paper by creating an essay or term paper outline. An outline indicates how the entire task will be arranged and the key points to be included in the paper. Once our writers send you the outline, you can improve it by including your new ideas. This process ensures that the final paper meets your expectations and that your points are included in the paper.
  • Clarification on any issue: In some cases, our customers send assignments and term papers before they have read all instructions. Later, after perusing on the assignment rubric or after having a class discussion with their instructors and colleagues, they identify key issues they would want to be included in the paper. We allow our clients to freely communicate with writers and issue any additional instructions or clarify any issue of concern.
  • Approval of complete order: Our customers approve or request for a revision on any completed task. Note, we do not charge any fees for revision. However, if you add new instructions that lead to the revision you will only make extra payments commensurate with the requested change.

How to Structure a Term Paper

The manner that you arrange your paper greatly determines whether you will excel or fail in your exams. Here is how we structure our custom term papers.

Term Paper OutlineThis part is not included in the final paper, but it plays an important role in directing how the paper is written. Here, we create an outline of how we will structure the final paper. We identify the research topic- if it was not given. Otherwise, we use the one that has been provided.
Title pageThis is an independent page where we indicate our research topic, our student ID, professor’s name, course, school, and date of submission. The arrangement of this part depends on the writing style (MLA, APA, Harvard, or Chicago) been used in the custom term paper.
In this section, we include a brief overview of the entire paper. Key points that were included in the body and conclusion section are included in this part. Our abstracts are always between 150-300 words.
IntroductionHere, our experts introduce the topic and describe their overall position on the paper. This helps the reader to quickly establish the direction of the paper. Each introduction always has a thesis statement, which indicates the writer’s position.
BodyIn this part, the writer discusses the key issues mentioned in the paper. It is in this section where the main topic is discussed. Our writers use appropriate sub-topics depending on the key issues of the research topic.
ConclusionFinally, our writers wrap up all issues discussed in the paper in the conclusion section. A conclusion is often 1 paragraph long. However, we can have a recommendation section depending on the requirements of the term paper. The conclusion also restates the thesis statement and justifies the writer’s position.
ReferenceHere, our writers note the details of the external sources used in the paper. These details include their names, titles of publications, and date of publication. All references are appropriately cited based on the recommended writing format.
Structure of a Term Paper

Customers Also Ask

I have never written a term paper, can you write for me a custom term paper?

We understand that writing term papers is often a complex process for most students. In particular, you have to comprehensively understand the topic and be willing to undertake detailed research on the topic. This process is often complex for most students. Our writers are highly experienced and diligent; they will write for you a custom term paper that meets all your instructions.

I need an urgent custom term paper; can you write it for me?

It is common for students to need their papers completed quickly. This is especially so for when they are requesting for custom term papers. Often, students underestimate the effort and time needed to complete these papers and only realize at the last minute they are unable to complete these tasks. If you find yourself in such a position, do not hesitate to order a custom term paper from us and we will readily assist.

Can I select the writer to complete my custom term paper?

Choosing your desired writer always enables a student to have their task written by their preferred expert. When one is requesting for complex tasks, such as term paper writing service, selecting a writer of your choice is critical. We have an elaborate process that allows clients to request their preferred writers. If you are a new customer and do not have a preferred writer, you can select among standard-level, advanced-level, and premium-level writers.

If I am not pleased with the custom term paper I get, what can I do?

We understand that there are instances when a client can receive a less than desired quality of the paper. This instance can be quite stressful for most clients. We have an elaborate process that ensures all tasks meet our quality standards. In the unfortunate event that you receive a paper of less quality than you prefer you can always ask for a revision. All revisions are free unless you are introducing new instructions. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us and request a revision on your custom term paper.

Can I contact my writer at anytime regarding my custom term paper?

You have the right to contact our support 24/7 or writer on any issue regarding your task. In case your writer is not available to reply to your message immediately, please contact our support. We are always ready to offer you the best service and clarify any issue of concern.

When I buy a term paper from you, is the task and my information confidential?

All information that you share with us is confidential. We do not store your details or keep past work in our database. We understand the sensitivity of our work and the importance of privacy. Therefore, any information that you share with us in the ordering process is safe. In fact, you do not need to register with us using your real details.