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Structure of a Custom Dissertation

A dissertation is one of the single most important research papers that you must complete to graduate. However, the structure of the custom dissertation varies depending on your approach, discipline, topic, and professor’s instructions. For example, a dissertation in humanities is structured more like an essay. However, those in science or social science disciplines contain all typical chapters of a thesis. Most dissertations have the following sections:

  1. Title
  2. Abstract
  3. Table of Contents
    Research paper struture
    Structure of a research paper
  4. List of Figures and Tables
  5. List of Abbreviations
  6. Glossary
  7. Introduction/Background
  8. Review of Literature
  9. Methodology
  10. Results
  11. Discussion
  12. Conclusion
  13. Bibliographic references and appendices





Here is what is contained in each section/chapter of the dissertation.

  • Title Page

This is the very first page of your dissertation paper. It contains your research title, your name or school ID, department, institution, unit (subject), supervisor’s name, and submission date. The exact format varies depending on the course or your school. However, most instructors often provide students with their school’s preferred structure.

  • Acknowledgment

This part is optional. It is usually a page on its own where a student appreciates and thanks to everyone that helped in the research. You can include your supervisor, parents, or participants that contributed to the dissertation.

  • Abstract

This part marks the actual writing of the dissertation. It is a summary of the dissertation and it states the main purpose of the research, a summary of the results, and conclusions made from the analysis. It is often between 150-300 words. Often, it has a key where the learner lists important terms that are used in the thesis paper. When making an abstract, use the following checklist:

  1. Describe the main research topic.
  2. State your research method.
  3. Describe your results.
  4. Summarize your conclusions.
  • Table of Contents

A student is expected to list all chapters and sub-headings, including their page numbers, in this section. The best and easiest way to create a table of content is by automatically generating the table of content in Word by using heading styles.

  • List of Figures and Tables

You should itemize your figures and tables when writing your dissertation. This structure helps the reader to quickly navigate through various sections of your paper. You can automatically create this list in Word if you used the insert caption feature.

  • List of Abbreviation

This section is only important if you used a lot of abbreviations in your dissertation. This list helps the reader to quickly check the meaning of various symbols used in your paper.

  • Glossary

A glossary is only necessary when a paper has highly complex terms, which may be unfamiliar to the reader. Here, the terms are listed and the meaning of each term is explained in brief.

  • Introduction

This section is critical for success in the entire dissertation because it sets the pace for your paper. You should establish your topic, purpose, and relevance in this section so that the reader is aware of what to expect in your custom dissertation. Your introduction should have the following:

  1. Research topic
  2. Research Problem
  3. Research Questions
  4. Overview of dissertation Structure.

A thorough introduction section has the following purposes:

  1. It describes the basis for undertaking the research and includes references to similar studies.
  2. It establishes the scope and objectives of the custom dissertation.
  3. Provides an overview of the paper.

The introduction always has various sub-sections.

Statement of the Problem

This sub-section highlights the knowledge gap been examined in the research. A proper statement of the problem does the following:

  1. It highlights the issues to be solved.
  2. The list of issues should be limited to the variables been examined in the methodology part.
  3. The student can either use a list of paragraphs depending on your school’s requirements.

Purpose/ Research Question/ Aim

This part indicates the research objectives, research questions, or hypotheses. This part plays an important role in clearly demonstrating to a reader the precise direction of the thesis paper. It does the following:

  1. Shows the rationale of the study.
  2. Establish the rationale of the research
  3. Indicate the goals and objectives of undertaking the research.
  • Literature Review

Even before you start writing your paper, you should have read a few journals that are related to what you are researching. Even when undertaking new research in your field, you are expanding from known knowledge to what is unknown. In most cases, research is undertaken for the following reasons:

  1. To undertake a new theoretical or methodological approach.
  2. Address a gap in current literature.
  3. Establish a solution to an existing unresolved problem
  4. Strengthen existing knowledge.

Therefore, the literature review serves the purpose of demonstrating that your research is reasonable and will fulfill one of the above reasons. In this section, the student should demonstrate how various theoretical approaches have been used in similar research and the findings from these studies. This section shows:

  1. How similar research projects have been approached by past scholars.
  2. The application of relevant theories to similar research and the results.
  3. How similar research has been connected to broader issues in society.

When writing your custom dissertation, our experts use the following strategies to ensure you get an excellent paper:

  1. They make various sub-sections depending on key issues been discussed.
  2. They just don’t cite scholars, rather they tie the connect the literature review to specific issues discussed in the research problem.
  3. They don’t give their views but remain objective to established results of similar past studies.
  • Methodology

This section demonstrates how the student undertook the research, and this allows the reader to determine if the results are credible. Here, the student indicates the goals, materials, and procedures used in the research, and reason for selecting the stated approach. This section includes:

  1. The approach and type of research undertaken (experimental, ethnographic, quantitative, or qualitative research, etc.)
  2. Methods of collecting data and why (interviews, surveys, sampling, archives)
  3. Method of data analysis, and why (statistical analysis, discourse analysis)
  4. Tools and software used in the research, and why (Stata, EViews, R-Statistic, Excel, MATLAB)
  5. Limitations undertaking the research using the selected approach, probable effects, and solutions.
  • Results

This section indicates the findings realized after completing the methodology section, and it ties them to the research hypothesis. An easy way to structure this section is to tying the findings to the research questions or hypotheses. Using this method, you will only report issues that are relevant to your research question.

You can include graphs, tables, and charts in this section. However, you do not need to include all of them since you will also have them in the appendix part. Just don’t input tables, graphs, and charts for the sake-they should add extra information and provide useful visualization for the research.

  • Discussion

In this part, you should interpret the meaning of the results and relate them to the research questions. Noteworthy, your interpretations should be elaborate and indicate if the research hypothesis is correct or wrong. If some results are unexpected, there should be a detailed explanation of what it might be. The student should also indicate the limitations of the findings of the results. Furthermore, the discussion should reference findings from other scholars and demonstrate how well they fit. Lastly, you should make recommendations for future studies based on your findings and the limitations observed in your research.

  • Conclusion

The main purpose of this section is to establish how well the research findings answer the research questions and correspond to the hypothesis. Here, you should wrap up the entire research and offer a final reflection based on your findings. You can also indicate how the research advances knowledge in the specific field and why the research matters.

  • References

In this section, you include a list of all sources used in the text. Remember that you must write these sources based on the specific format (MLA, APA, Harvard, Chicago, or IEEE) suggested by your professor.

  • Appendices

Here, you present all essential information such as charts, tables, graphs, interview questions, and interview responses, that contributed to your research.

  • Editing and Proofreading

A dissertation must always be grammatically and stylistically accurate. Therefore, a student must always edit and proofread the written dissertation before submitting the task to the supervisor. You can use software tools such as Grammarly when editing. Also, you should check and correct plagiarized sections or phrases. Turnitin can help to identify plagiarized sections of your work.

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