CRJ 257-001


Chapter 12



  1. Name at least two risk factors for victimization of persons with disabilities.


  1. Why wouldn’t a prison inmate report a victimization?


  1. How do prisons suggest dealing with prisoner victimization?


  1. Describe the roles of gender and race on sexual victimization in prison.


  1. Briefly discuss and describe developmental disability and what that means.


  1. Discuss the causes and high percentages of rape or sexually assault of disabled women over the course of their lifetime.


  1. Discuss Asperger’s Syndrome and how Asperger’s relate to being bullied at school?


  1. Some research suggests that police are unwilling to investigate crimes against people with disabilities what maybe some of the reasons?


  1. What is the purpose on the Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003?


  1. Define symptomology.


  1. Define Posttraumatic Stress Disorder


  1. What did the Farmer v. Brennan (1994) case address?


  1. Why are people with disabilities at a higher risk of victimization than the general public?


  1. Discuss race differences as it pertains to mentally ill inmates being victimized while incarcerated.


  1. What did the National Inmate Survey (2011-2012 data) state about sexual assault of prison inmates?






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