I’m working on a writing question and need guidance to help me understand better.

Should Include:

.Title page & Table of contents

•General Information: Owner & burner contact info. & qualifications, property location, fuels, burn type, goals & objectives, permits, & list of notifications

  • Property description: Shape & general description, topography (elevation, slope aspect, steepness, creeks, features, etc.), vegetation (overstory, understory, & ground cover), fuel conditions (type/model, vertical arrangement, loading, continuity, etc.), firebreaks, roads, structures, etc. You must include pictures taken on-site to support your description of the representative vegetation, fuel conditions, firebreaks, and any other important features. Two fuel transects and 3 basal area measurements in each overstory type are required. Burn unit, topographic, and vegetation maps are require
  • Pre-burn planning: Tasks in the months/years and days before burn and day of burn. Include list of needed permissions/contracts.
  • Smoke Management (include maps with screening details): Detailed planning as explained in smoke screening lab. Describe outcome of each major step, SSAs, air quality issues, down drainages, objectives, actions, etc. Include smoke contingency plan. Plot smoke plume in the online simple smoke plotter.
  • Weather: Explain desired weather prescription. Include chart showing desired weather conditions. Explain how desired weather conditions match objectives and what sources/tools will be used for determining weather .
  • Equipment: Include list of all needed equipment. I can provide the necessary pictures.


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