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answer this two question in 1400 words

Section A: Answer both the questions given below. Substantiate your answers with relevant examples.

Que1. Describe International Economic Institution. Critically evaluate the role of IMF towards world economy and supporting measures taken by IMF to support various economies of the world during difficult times. (15 marks)

(700 words )

Que 2. Critical analysis of accounting environment, regulations, and differences in national accounting practices with IFRS in Germany and Mexico. (15 marks)

( 700 words)

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Question Description: Indiana Univ Balanced Scorecard Implementation American Eagle Outfitters Case Study

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Think of a company or organization with which you are familiar. Ideally, it will be an organization where you are involved in some capacity. Good examples include an employer or perhaps a social organization of which you are a member. Former employers might work as well.

First, compose a full paragraph that describes the organization, including its mission or vision, product or service it provides, its key stakeholders, a short history, and details about the organization’s structure (leadership, divisions, etc.). Once you have outlined the organization, create a balanced scorecard for the company wherein you identify two objectives for each of the four perspectives in the BSC Approach as well as one metric for each of those objectives. Explain how each objective aligns with the mission of the organization and provide justification for its associated metric (i.e., why is the metric a reasonable measure for the strategic objective). Remember the metrics must be measurable!

Your initial posting should be between 300 to 500 words and use a minimum of two sources (one of which may be the textbook). Cite your sources using APA format (a tutorial is provided in the class tutorials section of the course).

Additionally, you will need to respond to two classmates’ posts. In these responses, you are to offer substantive comments, feedback, detailed questions, and/or provide examples that further the discussion. It is not sufficient to simply agree with or compliment a classmate’s post. Each response should be between 100 to 200 words with a minimum of one source (other than the textbook) per response. Cite your sources using APA format.

Please Note: The word count range is just a guide as to how many words are needed to give a complete answer. There is no penalty for surpassing the range unless you egregiously exceed the upper limit. For example, you write 1500 words when the upper limit is 500. We want to allow the Academic Coaches to evaluate your answers and provide feedback in a timely manner.