Research is a key component of your academic journey, and this is why students are always looking for a website that writes cheap research papers. At TermPaperSite, we help you with your college research, term paper, book review, or assignments. We understand writing these papers is challenging for many students. We are here to help you submit a quality paper in time as you concentrate on other aspects of your studies.

Why cheap research papers?

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As a dependable writing company, we help students in research papers regardless of the level. Our pool of qualified and experienced professional writers ensures you get a quality paper that enables you to earn the best grades.

TermPaperSite has a pool of researchers available at any time of the day, even during weekends, so you do not have to worry about your research paper. We don’t provide you with pre-written work, instead, we give you an authentic work that meets the tutor’s instructions. The academic journey needs not to be stressful and we ensure just that.

7 benefits of using our cheap research papers services include:

  • High-quality customized paper at competitive rates: All our papers are written by experts in the specific subject. Our writers have Master’s degrees and each task is assigned to a writer that has studied an exact course. Also, our prices start from as low as $10 a page, and this allows even students with the lowest budget to afford a research paper.
  • Our products are tailored to meet the instructions of your paper: Our writers thoroughly and comprehensively follow the instructions issued by your professor. As a result, they will always deliver quality papers that can enable you to get an A grade.
  • On-time delivery of the paper: We always meet our deadlines, even for urgent orders. We have a success rate of more than 98%. Thus, you can be almost certain that you will have your task before the deadline.
  • Cheap Research PapersZero plagiarism: All our papers are written from scratch. As a result, each task has zero cases of plagiarism. Also, our writers accurately cite and reference each source used in the task. Besides, you have the right to demand a plagiarism report for each of your completed orders. You will not be charged for the report.
  • Excellent 24/7 customer support: We have experienced and competent customer care team. If you need any assistance, they will promptly respond to your issue.
  • Confidentiality in Cheap Research Paper: Often, students are concerned about the risks of their personal information been shared with other persons. You do not have to use your real information when you order from us. Therefore, your details are safe when you order from us.
  • We guarantee our customers authentic papers that make the score the best grades. Customer confidentiality is also part of our company policy and you don’t have to worry about someone accessing your profile. Even writers never know the details of the customer. We aim to provide you a high-quality research paper that meets your expectations. TermPaperSite assures you value for your money.

Features of our cheap research papers

  1. Money-back guarantee: Each client is entitled to a refund of up to 100% in the event a paper does not meet the required standards. You can ask for amendments or re-write before canceling your order. This strategy ensures that you get maximum assistance when you request for cheap research papers from us.
  2. Free unlimited revisions: You can ask for changes to any order submitted to you. There is no limit to the number of times that you can ask for revisions. However, the changes requested should be reasonable and fair. Also, you should not introduce new instructions when requesting revisions. If your instructor needs you to make changes that were not in the initial instructions, you will only make extra payments commensurate with the changes to be made.
  3. Quality work: We are committed to presenting quality academic papers, and we ensure this by continuously training our writers, employing rigorous quality control measures, and closely reviewing and monitoring all our papers.
  4. Professionalism: We have a dedicated and friendly customer support team that is available 24/7 to respond to any of your issues. If you are stuck with an urgent paper or want to inquire about the progress of your paper, you can communicate with them through our live chat.

Quality Research Writing Service

Despite the price that one is offering for cheap research papers, no client wants to get a low-quality paper. Definitely, poor work will only lead to a failing grade in the long run. At TermPaperSite we have developed an elaborate writing and editing process that ensures we consistently submit quality papers to our clients.

Rigorous Recruitment Process

We have strict hiring and selection process that ensures we only work with the very best writers. All our writers have Master’s degrees from top universities in the USA, UK, Canada, Singapore, and Australia. Accordingly, you can be assured that your paper is been written by a student that is familiar with your academic needs and expectations. Only candidates that have been able to write a perfect 1000 words essay within the required timeline and that have passed a competency test in their course are allowed to work with us. Even at this level, new writers work as proteges under the supervision of experienced writers that mentor them on our writing standards and our clients’ needs.

Training and Mentorship Program

Each writer that manages to join our pool of writers undergoes a 3 months mentorship program where he/she leans the needs of our clients. During this period, the writer is taught various writing formats and styles so that he /she can deliver quality papers. Besides, we have an in-house training program that all our writers participate in to enable them to improve on their writing competencies. The training is designed to target the unique needs of each of our writers.

Editing and Proofreading Requirements

Our writers are required to proofread and edit each paper before it is submitted to you. We do not just write and submit the work. Each paper is diligently scrutinized to ensure that it is perfect and that it will meet all your academic needs. Our writers use various tools, including Grammarly- to ensure the work has no grammatical errors, and Turnitin- to ensure there is no plagiarism.  Also, they ensure that all external sources used in the paper are properly cited and referenced according to your required writing formats.

Stringent Oversight by our Quality Assurance Team

We have a strict quality assurance team that enforces our policies on quality and professionalism, and that ensures each paper is perfect. Firstly, the quality assurance team ensures that you are given professional service, that is in terms of communication with our support and writers. They also ensure that each paper is completed and submitted before your stated deadline. Our quality assurance team ensures each task meets all your instructions and is properly organized to enable you to get the highest grades.

Affordable and Flexible Pricing

Our pricing structure is the most affordable and convenient for clients. We have a transparent pricing policy that allows our clients to easily estimate the cost of their order. Also, we give the fairest prices for each task considering the prices charged by our competitors. On average, we charge about 20% less than our clients for a similar type of task. Our services are also complemented by the lots of freebies that we give to customers.

Our Prices Start at:

Academic Level Price
High School $9
Undergraduate (year 1-2) $11
Undergraduate (year 3-4) $13
Master/ Professional Paper $15
Ph.D. $17
Our Prices

Besides, our clients make significant savings from our free features whenever they make an order with us.

Our Free Features Include:

Service Saving
Free Revision $25
Free Reference $15
Free Outline $5
Free Cover Page $5
Free Abstract $5
Free Formatting and Proofreading $15
Free Plagiarism Report $15
Net Saving $85
Free Packages

Writers that Work on Research Papers

You are probably concerned about who will write your paper considering we do not charge a lot for our services. We offer cheap research papers because we have established an efficient working program, and not because we compromise on quality.

We have three categories of writers, Standard, Advanced, and Premium writers. All our writers irrespective of their writing category have over 4 years of experience in academic writing and they hold Master’s degrees. We have 210 writers. Advanced writers are those in the top 50 best writers while our Premium writers are the top 15 writers. Besides, a client has the choice of selecting their preferred writer.

Overall, your paper is always handled by an expert in your field. Whenever you place an order without specifying your preferred writer, we assume you need a standard-rate writer. The task is then assigned to the best writer that has done a similar course to you and is available to complete the work. You have the right to request a change of writer if you doubt the ability of the writer to complete the task. Feel comfortable to ask for cheap research papers knowing the task will be handled by an expert.

Frequent Ask Questions About Cheap Research papers

Are cheap research papers also quality papers?

Cheap research papers refer to those that are offered at a discount relative to the market price. We do not aim at providing the lowest-priced papers because it would be impossibly difficult to retain competent writers while still paying them the lowest fees. Our research papers are cheap because they offer great value on quality, delivery, and convenience. Our writers are highly trained and they all have Master’s degrees. Therefore, we deliver quality papers while still offering our service at a low price.

Will a cheap research paper be original?

A great concern among most students is whether their papers are plagiarized. Our experts write each paper from scratch and use original and verifiable sources. Each paper is correctly formatted, any external source is accurately cited and correctly referenced. You can also ask for the sources used in the paper. Lastly, each paper is checked through our plagiarism checker to ensure it is authentic and not plagiarized.

What is the meaning of cheap research papers?

This phrase means papers that cost relatively lower than the price of similar quality work in the market. For example, you can get a thoroughly written and edited Master’s level paper from our website at just $20 a page, and this is significantly lower than the market average price of $54 for a similar paper.

Where can I get a quality research writer?

It is often difficult and stressful to get a writer that can promptly and consistently write quality papers for you. Our work is to relieve students of this stress by creating an in-house system that ensures we have expert writers that work for us. If you have an urgent or complex task, communicate with our support and they will assign a competent writer to work on all your assignments.

What is the best price for online essays?

Various factors determine the best price for an online essay. Fast, it is urgent. A more urgent task costs more than one that has a longer deadline. Complexity is the other factor. Papers in STEM subjects are usually more expensive because they are more difficult and more demanding in terms of research, time, and effort. Also, writers handling STEM papers cost more to hire and retain. Besides, some of the papers may require a writer to use special software such as AUTO CARD, and all this adds to the final cost. The last factor is the number of pages. A task that is longer will cost more than one which is just a few pages long.

Can I request for an urgent order?

If you have an urgent assignment, you can make a quick order with us. It is always advisable to chat with our support when placing such an order to be on the safe side. We can complete urgent orders as long as they have a deadline of 2 hours or more. Also, the time needed to complete the order will depend on the number of pages. We estimate each page to need an hour for quality work.

Are there any charges for revisions in the cheap research paper package?

You can request for a revision on any order you place with us for free. There are no extra charges or fees when you order your papers from us. Also, there is no limit to the number of revisions that should be made in order. If you are dissatisfied with a paper, it can be re-written afresh at no extra cost by another expert.

Can I order for my paper at the start of the semester?

In some cases, a student is aware of the assignment they will handle, such as a term paper. However, it is unclear to them on the bitty-gritty of the task. You can create an order with us even in this case, and keep improving the task over time. You will only need to clarify various aspects with your writer so that you can agree on how the task is to be written.

Can you offer to write all my research papers?

We can complete all your research papers, even when they are urgent. There are two specific strategies that you can employ when working with us. If your papers are urgent, you can ask the support to assign each of the tasks to the available writers, and this will ensure they are completed within a day or two. The other option is having all your work assigned to a single expert. This approach ensures each work is almost identical in style.

Can I hire a dedicated writer for my papers?

If you have identified a writer whose writing style and abilities match what you have been looking for, you can always request for his/her service. Our support can ensure that he/she becomes your dedicated writer in your cheap research papers. This strategy will allow you to work with someone that you understand.

Are there discounts when I order a paper?

There are many discounts that each of our customers gets whenever they make an order. First, you are entitled to freebies worth $70. You will get a free cover page, abstract, table of content, reference page, and appendix page. Besides, you will receive a 10% discount on your first order. If you have an order that is longer than 15 pages, you can pay in parts. This strategy allows you to make an order for the section that you can afford as you raise more funds to complete the remaining sections.

Will a cheap Research Paper still be custom-written?

We usually strive as much as possible to be just as unique as you are. Therefore, unlike other sites which sell again and again the same papers to their clients, in our company we don’t do that in our company. We have a team of dedicated writers who will ensure that you get a high-quality paper that is free from plagiarism at an affordable cost.

Who does Cheap Research Paper writing?

All our writers are native English speaking with some of them having a mastery of the third language that will all make communications with our clients to be smoother. Our writers undergo a rigorous process during the time of their recruitment and that ensures that before they are tasked with the client’s work, they must possess what it takes to provide a high-quality work which is coupled with a high level of speed to beat the strict deadlines of all our customers.

Why are your charges seems to be very low?

The research paper industry is not monopolistic and that’s why we tend to adjust our prices downwards to suit the pockets of every customer. This does not mean that we provide to our clients a low-quality work, No! We tend to think that instead of people going to other companies and paying huge amounts of money to get their paper done, they can as well pay us half the amount of even lower than that and get their paper done and get those coveted top grades that every student is yawning for. We would like also to bring to the attention of our customers that we are not like other sites which will tend to charge next to nothing and then rip you off.

Are your prices negotiable?

We offer very affordable prices that are not hiked and therefore as stipulated in our payment policy that can be accessed through our website, the price posted there, unfortunately, is not negotiable. So, by the time you dully fill the form, you will be notified of your total price depending on the factors stated in your form. However, it is worth noting that we do also provide some services like proofreading that the customers may request, and at this point, the price may be fluctuated depending on the request made by the customer and the agreement which has been reached by the two parties.

How about Discounts?

Just like any other company we do offer limited discounts to the orders made by our customers. This also depends on a variety of factors which include the huge orders made by our customers and the frequency in which one client makes the orders. If you become a frequent customer, why should we deny you a discount on the next orders? This usually goes a long way in keeping our customers to come again and again.

How can someone know the cost of his/her order?

The total and the final cost of the client’s order is normally arrived at depending on a variety of factors which include; the total number of pages, the level of education of that client, the urgency of the work done, and so forth. This will be put together in our computers which calculates the total cost in a split second and by the time you are through with filling the order form the total cost will reflect immediately before you proceed to payment options. In cases where the extra charges will exist, you will be notified immediately to seek your approval before any other process can go on.