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So, Why Should You Request for Our Cheap Essay Writing Services?

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Our writing services are designed to meet your specific needs conveniently and at an affordable price. We constantly improve our services based on customers’ feedback, and we can assure what we have is what you need.

Our cheap essay writing services come with a lot of benefits to you and we are certain you will always appreciate our work. We have developed a long-term relationship with most of our clients based on the quality of our essays. Here are some of the advantages of using our online writing essay service.

  • Quality Work

Our team of qualified and experienced writers guarantees you an excellent article that meets all your requirements. We have writers that engage in diverse professional backgrounds, and we are certain we have the right person to handle your essays, regardless of the subject. Therefore, you can confidently order your assignment. If you are doubtful on our competence, you can inquire form our support on whether we can be able to complete your task.

Quality is our primary consideration and we have taken stringent measures to achieve it. Every step from the recruitment of writers to the point of delivery of your article is keenly evaluated. For example, all our writers undergo interviews and review their academic transcripts to ensure they meet our minimum qualifications. Besides, we have an internal training program to improve the proficiency of our writers. Getting a quality essay is a guarantee from us.

Even though we provide cheap essay writing services, pricing is also a unique aspect of our service. We believe students do not have to go broke when ordering essay writing services from our platform. We charge affordable prices for all our authentic essays.

For example, a high school essay starts from as little as $10 per page. This price is affordable compared to what other industry players charge, yet we give a better-quality paper. Our pricing structure is easy and convenient. Urgent papers are more expensive than those with a long deadline because these tasks require more effort and commitment on the part of the writer.

Also, complex papers in fields that are more demanding are usually more expensive than ordinary papers. For example, a Master’s level paper is more expensive than an Undergraduate level paper. This approach ensures our clients pay the fairest price for what they are ordering.

Each of our papers is written from scratch, and this ensures that you consistently score the highest grades. Our writers carefully review your instructions and undertake appropriate research using scholarly journals. Accordingly, you are assured of quality work that is original whenever you order from us. You can request for a plagiarism report as proof of the authenticity of our work.

  • Friendly User Interface

Our website has a friendly user interface, making it simple to navigate through. At TermPaperSite, we understand our clients need an interactive website where they can get any information when they need it. Our interface is multi-colored and you can easily identify a given icon.

Besides, you can easily access our website on your computer, tablet, and smartphone, and conduct any activity. The tasks that you can complete on our website include making an order, uploading files, communicating with your writer or support, and managing your orders.

How to Request for Cheap Essay Writing Services

Placing and receiving your order takes four simple steps.

  • Step 1: Fill our order form and specify the details of your paper.
  • Step 2: Select a writer of your choice to work on the order.
  • Step 3: Make a deposit for your work
  • Step 3: Review the completed order and approve payments (Note: Your writer is paid when you approve the work).

The Meaning of Cheap Essay Writing Service

  1. Often, students are concerned about the meaning of cheap writing service. Usually, cheap is associated with low quality. In TermPaperSite, cheap essay writing service refers to the type of writing work that is of the greatest value to the client. Here, a client orders for writing assistance in an essay, and we provide this service conveniently and at the most affordable rate.
  2. Although our service is cheap, our customer is assured of receiving quality work that meets all his/her requirements. Our writers adhere to all instructions. They create an outline, for free, which shows how they will organize the task. Importantly, the outline ensures that they will follow all the professor’s requirements. Each task is completed ahead of time and reviewed by our quality control experts before it is sent to the client. The free editing and proofreading service offered by our quality assurance team ensures you receive quality service.
  3. Thus, our essay writing service is cheap because it gives our clients maximum value for money. You will receive quality work that meets all your professor’s requirements and at a low price. Accordingly, we do not aim to offer the lowest-priced services, rather, we give the cheapest essay writing service when you consider the quality of our submitted work to the price we charge.

The Greatest Benefits of our Cheap Essay Writing Service

  • Fast Writing Service

Our experts can complete urgent papers before the stated deadline. It is always important to order from a company that has experts who can quickly and effectively complete your essays and assignments when they re urgent. Our writers can complete papers that have deadlines starting just for 2 hours. It is always important to chat with our support when placing an urgent order because this makes the support to prioritize this task when assigning orders to writers. Besides, the support will undertake a full follow-up of your urgent order to ensure it is completed before ahead time and according to your instructions.

All our papers are priced at the most competitive rates in the market. You can order your papers from as low as $10 a page. You will not be charged any extra amounts for revision, editing, cover page, or reference sections. Our customer service also offers dedicated support to our clients, at no extra cost. If you have a task longer than 15 pages you can order for the work n parts. This method is convenient and ensures that even long research papers are affordable. Therefore, you stand to gain maximum value for your money when you order from us

  • Quality Essay Writing Service

All our writers have at least a Master’s degree and over 4 years of experience in academic writing. You are assured that each of our tasks is written by a pro and that you will get a high grade. Besides, our writers carefully follow instructions and even send our customers an outline of the task before they begin writing. You can always improve or modify the outline. Once the writer completes the task, the submitted paper is reviewed by our quality assurance team to ensure it meets all our requirements. Therefore, you can be sure you will get the highest score whenever you order from us.

  • Convenient Essay Writing Service

Our website is user friendly and easy for us. When making an order, you just fill in your order details and deposit the work. The work is then submitted to a writer, with whom you partner in the writing process. The writer can give you draft copies of the work progress and a copy of the outline. You can manage this process from your dashboard. The completed task is usually edited by our quality assurance team, for free, before it is submitted to you. The writer is only paid after you approve the task.

Features of Our Cheap Essay Writing Service

Core features of our papers

  • Freebies

You will enjoy plenty of freebies when you order from TermPaperSite. Each of our clients gets a free cover page, a free outline, a free table of the content page, and a free reference page. Besides, you will also get free editing and proofreading service for each order made on our website.

  • Unlimited Revisions

It is a major concern among most students on whether their tasks will be revised if they are not pleased with the initial task. You are assured of free and unlimited revision for any of your tasks. However, you should not change the initial instructions. In the event you want to change the instructions, you will only make extra payments commensurate with the change needed.

  • Quality

We do not offer cheap essay writing service because we compromise on quality. Rather, our service is cheap because we are efficient and only make small margins. We hire only the most competent writers and those with Master’s degrees and over 4 years of experience in writing. To achieve these high standards, we have established a rigorous recruitment process that ensures only the most competent and most diligent get the chance to work with us.

Besides, each writer is required to first present an outline before starting the writing process. An outline ensures the writer dutiful follows your professor’s instructions. Once a paper is completed, our quality control team checks whether any of its parts has been plagiarized, and requests for changes to be done on your behalf. A plagiarism report is always attached against each submitted order. The quality control team also proofreads the tasks to ensure that all instructions have been carefully followed, the paper is correctly formatted, and all external sources are accurately referenced and cited.

  • 24/7 Customer Support

Our customer care team is available 24/7 to respond to any of your queries. If you have any pending issue you can contact our live customer support team. We have empowered our customer care team to perform various roles such as contacting your writer on your behalf if you need an urgent reply, assigning your work to the best available writer, assisting in the ordering process, assisting in the payment process, and helping in settling any disputes.

Although it is expected that some guarantees may be limited because of our cheap essay writing service, we offer all of them. If you order from us, you are entitled to the quality guaranteed, confidentiality, timely delivery, unlimited revision, and fair pricing. Each essay writing task is handled with high levels of professionalism. Our writers will undertake thorough research, use the recommended writing format. Whether you want your task written in APA, MLA, Harvard, or Chicago, our writers will competently complete your task.

Features of our working plan

  • Part-by-part delivery

We accept installment payments for orders that are more than 15 pages. This payment structure limits the pressure involved when paying for a very long paper at once. For example, a 60-page dissertation can cost as high $1500. However, with 5 installments, the client would conveniently pay $300 for each section, and this is less stressful.

  • Overnight delivery

You are probably engaged in your tasks or too tired to complete your task overnight. Our experts can help in completing these tasks. We are always available 24/7, and thus we will complete your task at night and submit a perfectly written essay before your stated deadline.

  • Copies used

Research papers and dissertations are complex and should be written professionally and according to required academic standards for one to excel in school. You can request our writers to submit to you copies of journals, links to websites, and electronic copies of books used in the paper. You will only make a 5% increase in your total bill for these copies.

Frequently asked questions

Will you write for me a cheap perfect essay?

All our papers are written from scratch. Besides, each paper is checked using our plagiarism tool before it is submitted to the client to ensure it is original. Therefore, you will get an original essay whenever you order from us.

Can you complete a Master’s paper in 6 hours?

We have a team of competent and experienced writers that can complete urgent orders. Therefore, if you are remaining with only 6 hours to your deadline, feel free to contact us. However, the length and complexity of a task greatly determine whether the task is doable within a given time. For example, it is impossibly difficult to complete a 20-page research paper in 6 hours; but a 6-page term paper can be completed.

Do you have essay writers that are good in my course?

We have a wide pool of writers that have majored in diverse fields. We currently specialize in over 150 disciplines. Therefore, there is a high likelihood that we have one competent in your field. If you are doubtful about the availability of a suitable writer, please verify with our support before completing payment for your order.

Can I get quality work when I request for cheap essay writing service?

Although our prices are low, we do not compromise on quality. Our policy ensures that you get maximum value for money. Each paper is reviewed by our quality assurance team to ensure it meets our minimum quality standards. We ensure that all instructions have been thoroughly followed, the paper is correctly formatted, all external sources are accurately cited, and the task is completed before your specified deadline.

Do you have competent writers to complete my paper?

We have a huge team of experienced and highly trained writers that can competently complete your papers. All our writers have Master’s degrees and more than four years of experience in academic writers. Our writers have completed papers for students in top universities such as Harvard, Yale, MIT, Oxford, Cambridge, UCLA, and University of Melbourne.  Ordering cheap essay writing services from us is a sure way of excelling in your studies.

What can I do if I don’t like the essay submitted by one of your writers?

We ensure each client receives the highest quality paper whenever they make an order from us. However, in the unfortunate event that you don’t get a perfect paper, you can always ask for a revision. You can even request for your paper to be written afresh by another writer. In the extreme case where you fail to get what you want our dispute manager will issue a fair refund. You can get up to a 100% refund for any order.