“Should I buy an argumentative essay?” This is a question most high-school students ask frequently when given such an assignment. Teachers often examine students’ abilities to debate issues and support their points with facts. Creating a sound argument is a critical process in learning since the students use this knowledge in later stages of their academic journey.

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How to Write an Argumentative Essay

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What is an Argumentative Essay?

What is an Argumentative Essay
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An argumentative essay is an article that debates an issue an author takes position. As an author, you have to present facts to support your arguments and convince your reader to adopt your perspective on the issues. Also, you have to state one or two points on the contrary as part of the argument. You can make your case more powerful by highlighting weaknesses on the contrary views.  However, the points for your side have to exceed the opposing side for you to make a convincing conclusion.

An argumentative essay structure is similar to that of other essays. It has three key elements; introduction, main body, and conclusion. An introduction should always contain a thesis statement that supports your perspective. In the main body, you should support each of your points in their paragraph. Ensure that each paragraph has a topic sentence and a concluding statement. Your first paragraphs should support your point of view, while the last few paragraphs in the body section should give alternative perspectives. You should have a conclusion that wraps up the entire paper, and supports your line of thought.

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Sections of a great argumentative essay

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Introduction: This is the first section of your essays. In this part, you introduce your topic and define key terms in the topic. This is the section where you make the reader understand your school of thought as you contextualize the topic. Notably, it MUST also include the thesis for your paper.

It is also important to give problem definition and explain it in such a way that a reader understands your debate. The primary rule in writing an effective argumentative essay is making it simple and clear.

In particular, the reader should have a clear understanding of the topic and your debates. For example, when handling the topic “Domestic Violence,” you have to define the term and provide some facts about it in the introduction part of your essay. These facts make the reader interested in the topic. Use both quantitative and qualitative data in your arguments.

Body: This is the second and biggest part of your argumentative essay. It is where you present your arguments on the topic and provides credible data and facts to support your position. The number of points you present in the argument depends on the length of your paper. For instance, long papers require more points than short papers.

Research is critical in developing a strong argument in this section since each point must be supported by a reliable source of information. In other words, you need to conduct comprehensive research and note down key points and sources before starting to write your essay. A good argumentative essay must have a flawless flow of ideas and reflect the author’s in-depth understanding of the topic.

Conclusion: This is the last part of your argumentative essay and presents a summary of the article. In this section, you take a position based on the discussion and evidence in section two of your paper.

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Why Buying an Argumentative Essay

Argumentative Essay
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Procedure to order custom argumentative essay

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An argumentative essay has all sections of an ordinary essay, which are introduction, body, and conclusion. We use three general frameworks in our argumentative essay. The specific approach used by the writer depends on your instructions or the writer’s preference.

Method 1Method 2Method 3
Pro Argument 1ConCon/Pro
Pro Argument 2Pro Argument 1Con/Pro Argument 1
Pro Argument 3Pro Argument 2Con/Pro Argument 2
ConPro Argument 3Con/Pro Argument 3
Formatting style of an argumentative essay

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Where can I buy argumentative essay?

We do sell our essays to different clients at different levels. Students pursuing their undergraduates and post-graduate degree can also buy essays from us.

Why should I buy the argumentative essays from your company?

Unlike other writing companies we deliver on our promises as we say it to our esteemed clients. We boast of a dedicated team of writers and editors who work round the clock to ensure that they give you nothing but the very best. Since time immemorial we have been rated as the top in the Essays writing industry by our clients. Nonetheless, we have established a clear history of quality and well-sorted performances to our clients thereby creating a lasting trust and confidence among them

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We guarantee high-quality work that is original to our clients. The recently acquired software that we use in our company is highly advanced and thus ensures that the work is plagiarism-free. This, therefore, means that our clients can rest assured that their work will be 100% plagiarism-free.

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Argumentative essays are part and type of an essay that we write at our company. However, it is not the only service we offer. There are such services such as editing and proofreading that we offer to our clients.

Who will be assigned to write my argumentative essay?

Once the client has placed an order, we give the task to our writers who have professional experience in the field that clients want to be written. However, if the client is an existing one or has ever enjoyed our service is encouraged to choose their writer based on their previous experience with the same writer.

In the process of writing my argumentative essay can I be allowed to contact my writer?

As a company, we do encourage structured communication between the client and their writers. This will ensure that that the instructions and the perception in which they want their essays to write are strictly adhered to and that there is no omission whatever in the final work of the client. This can be achieved through consistent contact between the two parties that will yield a quality result in the short run.

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The option of reviewing your essay is available in the control panel but unfortunately, we do work with a pre-payment mode, whereby our clients are required to pay the full amount before any service can begin.

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Once your essay is ready, we usually send a preview in the client’s control panel button on our website before we send the actual document to the client. This is usually done so that the customer can go through before he/she can give us the green light to go ahead or to make corrections should there be any. If the document is ready, then we will notify our client through the email to proceed to the control panel for downloading.

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We will always cut the suit according to your size. Our writers have been instructed to follow the instructions from all our clients to minimize the rate of their disappointments at the time of delivery of their work. However, should the work be delivered to you and you feel that it has reached the level of your expectations, then you are encouraged to contact us to make the necessary adjustments where applicable. Clients should also note that we have a variety of styles when it comes to writing their essays, therefore they should be in a position to let us know whichever styles that suit them. Some of the available styles include; MLA, APA, Chicago/Turabian, Harvard style, and any other relevant style upon the client’s request.

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Before the work is finally delivered to you, we usually involve our editors from different levels that ensure the work has been thoroughly checked and that it has been done according to the instructions that you provided at the time you were placing your order. Nonetheless, if you still feel that you are not contented with the quality of the work that has been delivered to you, then you are always free to return to us for adjustments. It is worth noting to our esteems customers that we usually allow up to three free revisions thereafter charges will apply as stipulated in our policy on the website.

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The time you place your order on our website is the same time that the writing for your essay begins. This, therefore, mean that there is no other essay that was written prior. We write each essay at the client’s own set of instructions.

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Confidentiality is highly sorted after for all our clients. The clients therefore can be assured that their details will never be shared with the third party at any circumstance. Furthermore, our computers allow our clients to use false names while placing their orders. This was arrived at to conceal the important details of the clients even from the writers themselves who cannot recognize your original identity.

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